Growing up in the Midwest on dairy, hog, and cattle ranches, Debbie — by some strange fate — ended up in the Caribbean sailboat industry where Rob entered her life. The agriculture education she received while playing basketball at NWMSU hasn’t really helped her career in the field of social media, however, the interactions with people (and livestock) have. She has an immense love/hate relationship with Facebook but has conquered the world of Facebook advertising (until their next system update happens).  

About Debbie

Debbie has five amazing kids and three out of control grandsons that she hopelessly spoils. Being married to an Englishman, she has no choice but to love soccer and American football even though she has no clue what is happening most of the time.

Favorite quote: “I am like the Queen of England, I have the title but absolutely no power”

TTP: Social Media Strategist

Cupcake Baking Genius:


Time spent swearing at Facebook:


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