Lots of companies do SEO. But few companies have the experience, skill and passion to tailor their optimization to the specific needs of a particular industry. That’s what makes Turn the Page Online Marketing different.  With 100’s of results for Lawyers in Kansas City Google Maps alone it’s very easy for your practice to get lost in the crowd. At Turn The Page Online Marketing, we know the ins and outs of search engine optimization and Google Maps – which means we know how to get your Law Office noticed.  We tailor your SEO upgrades to the Legal market and your target audience.

Marketing your Law Office

We understand the highly competitive nature of legal internet marketing, making it easier for our clients to start seeing results sooner.  Lawyers should be with their client or in court defending them not trying SEO.  We can help you increase your client base while you work and perfect your legal skills.  Our Lawyer focused SEO packages drive your online presence up the rankings on Google.  We do not take a one step fixes all solution.  We ensure you understand how your current online footprint is representing your business to the Search Engines.  Once we both understand that we will help you decide on the right marketing solution to attain your repair shops goals.  We know how to make local search work hard for our attorney clients. Our focus is on user experience, which is key to turning clicks into actual clients.

It’s Easy to get turned off SEO

We understand you have probably already had a bad experience with SEO.  It is very easy in the Legal profession to fall victim to a “SEO Guru” who just started in his basement 3 weeks ago.  They generally prey on fear.  They over-promise and under-perform leaving their legal clients feeling cheated.  How do you confirm a SEO offer will work for your Law Firm?  Here are some questions to ask and steps you can take:

  • Lawyers benefit from 1,000’s of keywords in searches.  The fact that you don’t rank for a particular term does not mean you’re not getting results.
  • How many staff at the SEO firm?  We have 35-40 US based staff with a web-development department. That is a reasonable number.
  • Will they provide references?  Also ask for Case Studies?
  • Do they just do SEO?  SEO has evolved to encompass the entire online marketing spectrum a SEO provider needs to be able to optimize and restructure Local web presence, social media, the technical aspects of your websites, digital content and more.  Does the potential provider have the necessary resources and skills?
  • Do not sign a term contract.  Even though you understand the legalities it is not worth it.  SEO for lawyers does take time and it is an ongoing and laborious process.  You should be able to see progress every month.  If you are not; you may want to consider moving on.  If you are you should stay.
  • Does the provider provide PPC services for Lawyers and are they certified by the Search Engines.  PPC is more essential that it used to be when used in conjunction with organic SEO.  Googles “Not Provided” makes keyword [terms] identification difficult and organic conversion tracking difficult.  PPC when done properly allows quality feedback on the best converting terms, thus enhancing organic keyword strategy.

Call us on (816) 527-8371 we’ll answer all your questions.

More Clients for our Attorney Clients

Turn The Page Online Marketing understands that local search engine listings are vital to attracting new legal clients.  When a potential client needs a lawyer we know how to get your practice found.  When someone has a bad experience they turn to online to search for the right Attorney.  They want a local and reliable Lawyer. Our professional SEO staff work hard to make local search listings work for you by optimizing your local presence.  Local SEO for Lawyers is a talent we have learnt over many years of working with local Kansas City  Attorneys.  We focus on not only providing measurable ranking improvement but also measurable improvement in results.

Lawyer SEO - Kansas City

Legal SEO Experience you can Trust

We work with many Attorneys and assist them in achieving an optimized online presence.  We will review your Law Office website and explain how it can be improved; if at all.  Our team understands what it takes to improve your complete online presence in the competitive world of Lawyers.  We take a holistic approach to online marketing. SEO, PPC, Social Media, Websites, Press Releases, Blogs and much more.  Our proprietary techniques spread across the entire Online Marketing spectrum combine to grow your business.

Partner With a Team of Legal Industry SEO Experts

It’s undeniable Legal SEO is competitive in Kansas City and across the country.  Whether you’re just starting out or looking to increase your market share we are a partner you can trust.  When you’re ready to learn more about how we can take SEO to the next level for our Attorney clients, call (816) 527-8371 today!

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April McLaughlin

April McLaughlin is a Cass County trial attorney, practicing primarily in probate law, estate planning and family law.

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