Did you catch that? That was the web and if you already didn’t know, it’s fast.  And getting much faster these days as more and more users come online and search engines up the speed on our searching. Think Quarterly: The Speed Issue has some astounding stats to share. In the time it took to read the first page of the report, about 382  Android phones were activated, over a quarter of a million words were blogged on Blogger and two days worth of videos were uploaded on YouTube.

Google said it best, ‘Fast is better than slow’. They have rooms full of people just working on making your searches instant, their ultimate goal when they show up to their job everyday. That’s great and all, but what’s their goal after ‘instant’? I’m already seeing a difference in my searching habits….if it’s not there in a fraction, I’m on to my next pot of coffee and distracted by the shiny objects out the window.

That’s not necessarily true; I have a little more patience that what I say but it is a fact that when search results are slowed by even a split second, people search less. Four out of five people will click away from a video if it stalls while loading (ok, that for sure is me – I probably shouldn’t have been searching videos in the first place if I’m at my computer to work). If we don’t see the instant results we’re looking for, we’re gone. Soon, Google may have me so frazzled it’ll be reminding me what I was there to search for in the first place.

As a business owner, you have to keep in mind that the world will not wait. Producing pages and features that slow searches are going to get you left behind. Seriously. It’s one thing to have a website to bring in customers but if you used a rock and chisel to create that page, you might as well toss an ad in that big yellow book being used as a door stop because you’ll get as much use from both.

Let us help you. We don’t want to rush you through the world wide web just to keep up with the hare running the race at breakneck speed but we also don’t want you riding the tortoise across the finish line, as happy as he was. It’s a combination of speed and quality to bring in customers and grow your business – something we do best at Turn The Page Online Marketing!

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