Yahoo’s CEO Bans Working From Home

By January 1, 2013Blog, Yahoo

Recently, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer banned employees from working from home. On Monday, Yahoo’s HR Chief sent out a memo stating employees need to physically arrive at work. The 14,500 employees at Yahoo have until June to make this happen every day or they could be let go.

It’s clear that Mayer is trying to turn Yahoo around and that having these employees able to collaborate in the workplace is where she’s going to start. The elimination of working remotely has caused several people, aside from those at Yahoo, to form opinions about this decision. So is Mayer making a big mistake here?

Well, this is certainly a debate. It seems as though Yahoo is facing a productivity issue. By requiring employees to show up to work everyday, this can be eliminated… right? Marissa Mayer seems to think so. It would certainly cut down on any communication issues and encourage an innovative, work-hard environment. She is standing strongly behind her decision and believes it to be the best option for the responsibilities of her company.

So where do her mistakes lie? Perhaps Mayer could have discussed this with employees before making this drastic change. It may also be seen as punishment to everyone just to rid some weak links. People are calling this change a backwards step to the “stone age.” The bottom line is pushing the ability to interact with others and having more impromptu discussions.

It’s also been brought to light that Mayer has added a nursery to her office. The working mom is now able to bring her son to work because she has paid to have a nursery built in her office. The husband of one remote-working employee said, “I wonder what would happen if my wife brought our kids and nanny to work and set them up in the cube next door?”

It will be interesting to see whether Yahoo will benefit or hinder from this new policy. Will Yahoo see an increase in productivity and innovation? Will remote employees move closer, or will they say sayonara?

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