Why Do I Need to Hire a Web Developer?

If you’re a small business owner, you probably do what you can to minimize your costs while maximizing profit. While this strategy can make sense when it comes to many aspects of your business, you should never cut corners to save money when it comes to your website.

In the past, we shared tips for knowing when it’s time to get a new website for your small business. This week, we’re focusing on why you should hire a web developer to help you build that new website or remodel your current plot of digital real estate.

But what is a web developer — and why are they so important when it comes to your small business’s website? We have the details below.

Why Hire a Web Developer?

And what is a web developer anyway?

In many ways, a web developer is like an internet architect and contractor rolled into one. Not only do they make the plans for how a website will be laid out, they also produce the necessary code to actually build the website. Whereas a graphic designer creates graphics for websites and a web designer uses basic programming languages to create website pages and menu structures, a web developer has more technical skills and a thorough understanding of site security, e-commerce website creation, database management, web usability standards, and more. Oftentimes, people in the website design and development industry have skills that span each sort of job, meaning a web designer could create a few graphics, or a graphic designer might also have the coding skills necessary to produce a website with advanced functionality. But if a website needs to have complex features, a web developer is the best bet for the project.

So why use a web developer? Can’t I teach myself – or use my IT guy?

Code & web standards are ever-changing

Again, it might be tempting to avoid the costs of a web developer and tackle website design on your own — or to send the project to your in-house IT department. But if you want your website to produce the results you need, you can’t put it on the backburner. You should only entrust it to someone who can dedicate their full attention and myriad of skills to the project — not someone who only has a foundational knowledge of code. With desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smart phones evolving every minute, it’s key that you hire a web developer who is capable of keeping up with these changes and best practices as they build your website.

A web developer understands the best design practices – and how to achieve them

You might have a website in mind to base your design around — but do you (or your chosen website designer) really understand the coding it takes to get to that end product? A web developer can look at any website and understand the back-end coding that resulted in the final product. They’ll be able to determine how much time a project should take, the necessary order of the project, and the best practices for the development process so that your website will look flawless in any browser. Basically, you can trust your web developer to create a website with a look and feel that you love — and to do it right.

Copy of Facebook MarketingA web developer can provide the technical support you need

Even the most well-built website can experience bugs over time. A web developer will be able to troubleshoot any issues on your website, including back-end bugs, coding errors, or problems with the CMS. When there’s an error on your website, you want to get it fixed immediately — not wait for someone to read up on how to fix it, then experiment until it’s done. For quick, reliable technical support, a web developer is the ideal solution.

So where can you find a qualified web developer?

The website development team at Turn The Page Online Marketing includes talented graphic designers and web developers who produce high-quality WordPress, custom, mobile, and e-commerce websites. Each web developer on our team has the knowledge, experience, and passion necessary to produce websites up to our rigorous standards. In addition to building your website, our web developer team can provide training to give your business complete content control. We also offer website hosting services.

To learn more about partnering with a web developer at Turn The Page, call us today at (816) 527-8371 or (844) 889-5001 or visit our office in Lee’s Summit!

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