What’s Killing Your Productivity?

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What’s Killing Your Productivity-

I’ve sat here all morning trying to come up with a compelling idea for a blog post. I’ve browsed the marketing and advertising magazines’ websites, I’ve looked at online news sources, I’ve even checked Facebook for trending topics. And I’ve gotten distracted.

“Oh, there’s an adorable puppy in Budweiser’s Super Bowl ad this year. Can’t wait to see that!”

“Bill Nye the Science Guy is still as awesome as he was when I was 10.”

“Yikes, that’s a huge storm heading to the East Coast. Ha, our high is 68 on Wednesday. Oh, what a cute profile picture; she looks great! Facial yoga? WTF is facial yoga?”

Soon, I’ve been sucked into the internet’s black hole and have to remind myself that I am, in fact, at work and was in the middle of doing research for, ya know, my job.

Workplace distractions are plentiful, especially when w
e all have constant access to the diversion machines known as computers, tablets and smartphones. While these devices are a necessary evil, they’re not the only problems preventing workers from doing their jobs.

A June 2014 national survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of CareerBuilder asked employers what they perceived to be the most distracting and productivity-inhibiting tasks. Here’s how they responded:

DistractedCell phone or texting – 50 percent
Gossip – 42 percent
The internet – 39 percent
Social media – 38 percent
Snack or smoke breaks – 27 percent
Noisy co-workers – 24 percent
Meetings – 23 percent
Email – 23 percent
Co-workers dropping by – 23 percent
Co-workers putting calls on speaker phone – 10 percent

In a 2013 study performed by Harris Interactive for Ask.com, there were a few additions. Respondents reported that working in groups and in cubicles hinder their productivity.

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