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We have been playing on Google+ for a while now at Turn The Page. Its been fun and it is different enough to be interesting. The user growth rate is phenomenal, here are some facts and stats:

  • 20 million unique visitors, 60% of whom are 18 to 25 years old and 63% of whom are male.
  • Google+ has grown by 821% from the week ending on July 2, the first week Google+ was made available.
  • Austin, Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco are the most dominant metropolitan areas driving traffic to Google+.

Thanks to Comscore and Hitwise for this info!

So what do we think of Google+? Well its to early to pass any sort of real opinion, the platform Google is building is not near completion. Just for fun here are what some of our staff have said about their experiences:

“So today I learned Google+ is the place to be, growing rapidly and taking off like wildfire! Woo, and I’m not the last one on the train!” Danielle Burgess

“Discussing Social Media Marketing Techniques with The Scott Paulson Group. Google + is definitely on the topic list. Anybody else finding any cool new features they like?” Placher Sieben

“I like that this is turning my gmail into a “dashboard” and soon I will be able to check everything from one main spot.” Danielle Burgess

“Is Google+ really for the masses or is it more for Google lovers? +Danny Sullivan says that he feels it is very pro Google and he maybe right. I think that’s only natural, sort of like changing a company’s culture you need heroes to advance your cause.” Rob Rance

“Finding Google + video hangouts to be a great business tool. Anybody else played with it yet?” Placher Sieben

“Found out that using a laptop in Panera Bread is not ideal for a hangout – the music kills conversation @Brent Hardin can confirm.” Rob Rance

Woo Hoo, posting to Facebook and Google+ at the same time…now Twitter? Elisa Haake Ummm, I wonder how long it takes to show up on Facebook?

Okay so this doesn’t really prove anything except we are all a bunch of Geeks!

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