What Could You Do With $150 Million “Bills”?

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Maybe it’s not really a Mac Mac World.  Let’s go back to the decade of flannel and sheep cloning when Steve Jobs had to save a company from the brink of bankruptcy.  How did it feel to have Bill Gates offer you the money?  MAC  is a company which would later grow and feed on the ‘Generation: Depend on Your Parents for Everything’ and create an autonomous ecosystem which monkeys could use.

Yes, that’s correct – I don’t need an iWhatever barking my orders.
I want to get off the couch and get my own damn pizza rolls.

Steve Jobs to Bill Gates, PC guy is what makes it all work”.

That’s nice, Steve. You were a brilliant man with a great vision and no doubt you have Heaven full of  fruit-named doohickies and installing accessible and wieldy devices in angel wings spreading the sounds of pop chart gleefulness and Angry Birds. The world is little less lustrous without you now.

Even though you were a jerk and ‘Nigel’ or ‘Chauncey’ may have been a more fitting name for you. Bill, however, is much more K.I.S.S. and relatable name to the hardworking people of this great world.

It’s an age old battle of the nerds – Microsoft vs. Apple. Us common folk have been bickering for years over who is better and I am certainly not the first to cover this topic. It’s just a little healthy bantering that feeds our geeky souls – much like bottles and bottles of wine.

But to the big dogs, Bill and Steve, it was free market at its finest  – together they needed each other. Kind of like the auto industry and the government. With each other’s respective companies learning from each other and pushing each other to be better, we the people have choices. We win.

Microsoft took note when Apple was in the high-dollar machine market and offered PCs for all – at an affordable price to the average masses thus becoming the backbone of households. Apple may be learning from this move by offering learning institutions discounts to put an iPad in the hand of every student to use in and out of the classroom. Will Apple become the company that revolutionizes the way our future world leaders learn? Maybe. Let’s hope the students first get past the label of ‘snooty elitist’ that comes with the ownership of an iPad as recently displayed by a group of graduate students at the University of Kansas in a guest blog on ProfHacker by instructor Doug Ward. I can’t imagine their embarrassment….

Is there an answer to Microsoft vs Apple? Chocolate vs Vanilla? Beavis vs Butthead? No. To each their own and may they continue innovating and thrilling us with the latest and greatest – and may they never merge in MicrApple.

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