Website Hosting: How to Get a Sweet Bite of the Action

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Website hosting services allow you to get a slice of the big, juicy apple that is the Internet. However, how big of a hunk or how sweet of a bite you get is dependent on the website hosting company you choose. When it comes to website hosting, not all pieces of the apple are sliced equally.

So, how can you level the playing field, bettering your chances of getting a sweeter deal?

Green apples are great, but if you don’t want to be left sour over a website hosting experience gone awry, making a well-informed website hosting decision is an absolute must.

Pros & Cons of Website Hosting Companies:


Pros: We have all seen the sensual GoDaddy commercials featuring the sultry, blonde bombshells. However, it seems there is something more to GoDaddy than what meets the eye. GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain registrar that offers website hosting as a secondary service.

Because of their success, GoDaddy provides users with around-the-clock support, unlimited storage and bandwidth and fair pricing packages. If you’re a website hosting novice, GoDaddy provides Website Builder software that enables newbies to create their own site, using pre-designed templates.

Cons: New users should be warned that the user interface can sometimes be hard to navigate. Also, if you aren’t down with the exploitation of women, you may want to hit the fast-forward button on your TIVO during GoDaddy’s infamous Super Bowl commercials. Aside from that, this website hosting company is a good resource.

Turn The Page Website Hosting

Pros: Turn The Page Online Marketing website hosting is another great resource. With competitive, yet affordable package pricing, E-commerce functionality, and a noteworthy 99.9% up-time rate, our website hosting services can compete with the best.

And if you are one of our monthly optimization customers, our website hosting services are free of charge. When it comes to website hosting, we take our responsibilities very seriously. Constant monitoring of our hosted sites enables us to make any updates as soon as they are needed.

Cons: Our website hosting prices are slightly more expensive than some of our competitors, namely GoDaddy and Host Gater. However, you can rest assured that the price difference is reflected in our superior customer service and consistent technical support.

As any Online Marketing aficionado knows, it doesn’t matter how great your website is, if it can’t be found on the Internet.

Website Hosting with an Online Marketing company is critical.

Turn The Page Online Marketing can be your Website Hosting Partner today.

When it comes to website hosting, the difference is in the detail. When you partner with Turn The Page Online Marketing, you can be certain that your hosted website is always in good hands with online marketing specialists.

For more information about our specialty in website hosting services, contact Turn The Page Online Marketing of Kansas City.

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  • Gerry Weir says:

    Seems like you guys are doing a great job at web hosting. The cons aren’t bad really at all. Keep up the great work.

  • Ted Byer says:

    As great as GoDaddy might be I would be worried with them hosting so many websites, with Turn the Page it seems like I would receive a bit more personal attention.

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