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Website content can rock with passion if the writer makes a commitment. Rocking content will drive visitors to any website. Website design features can be incredible, artistic beyond belief, even something Picasso would find awe inspiring and none of it would help get a website found. Website content rules when it comes to getting found on the internet. Our experience is that, generally for business, there is a focus on great design features for a website. Some take it to the point where absolutely every minute detail has to be just right. Going backwards and forwards over the simplest of changes numerous times. Then poor old content is a mad scramble at the end, with even some pages, missing any content at all for launch. Lets face it generic website content is not sexy. Original, relevant and exciting website content can rock if you let your passion drive it! Threading passion through all the pages of a business website is a challenge. Having a well thought out plan for the construction of your content throughout a website allows passion to shine through.

A content plan

Search engines index the individual pages of a website. Each page of a website is a potential landing page for visitors. You can easily target potential customers across each section of your business. Develop pages that cover all the aspects of the business, the greater the page depth of a site the better. Individual pages can be tightly targeted to specific areas of your business. This is important because consumers have become educated about search, their searches are more targeted and narrow. They want specifics with results that reflect the terms of their search. Providing results relevant to what the searcher wants is any search engines goal. As a precaution remember to balance this depth of site against the ability to produce relevant and unique content for each page. Research the keywords that people use when searching for the information that will be relevant to a page. The way a business owner talks about their business is not necessarily how potential customers will search for that business, products or services. This understanding  should be developed during the design phases of a website. Construct a website layout that allows ease of navigation via an easy to understand menu structure. Once a potential client has found the relevant page make the content interesting and concise. Do not assume that the reader understands the business, write as if you are talking to someone who knows nothing. Think about the best customer you have ever had before they were even a customer and write for them. Let your website content rock by giving it the attention it deserves and start ranking for SEO.

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