Is Your Website Brain-Friendly?

Your clients are overwhelmed by information. At no other time in history have humans had access to as much data as they do right this second. Ninety percent of the information that now exists was created in just the last two years. 571 new websites are created every minute. And the average person stays on a webpage for less than a minute, reading only one quarter of the text of the page.

So how do you get their attention? In a world of information overload, how do you ensure that your website stands out and gets your business’s message heard? One of the best ways is to make sure that your website is brain-friendly, meaning that the information you’re trying to convey is designed to be easy for the brain to process. When you focus on developing your website at this level, you set your business up for success.

Tips to Tantalize Your Client’s Brains

Brain-Friendly1. Keep it Simple.

Too much information causes the brain to stop understanding and retaining what it sees. The best way to entice an overtaxed brain is to keep your website design simple. This way, the brain doesn’t have to work so hard to extract your company’s message. Minimize unnecessary text and allow for lots of white space to give the page a pleasantly lighter feel.

2. Focus on Feeling First.

Website content and design that cause an emotional reaction are one of the best ways to snap the brain out of information overload. Emotional content has been shown to increase the brain’s ability to remember information. So it’s smart to think about the emotions you want your customers to experience when they view your website. Do you want them to feel joyful or curious? Relaxed or safe? Or angry about a problem that your product solves? When you know what you want your website users to feel, it makes all of the rest of the decisions you must make about your website much easier.

3. Amp Up Your Visual Content.

We process visual information in the brain’s reward center, making it a very good idea to add striking visual content to your website. Pages with visual content actually get 94% more views than pages without visual content. Visual content is able to speak directly to the brain about your product, showing rather than telling about its features.

4. Use the Brain’s Face Addiction to Your Benefit.

When your clients look at a human face, there is a massive reaction of neurons in the amygdala, which is a part of the brain that codes emotional experiences. Smart business owners use this to their advantage, giving the brain information about their products alongside faces that convey the feeling they want associated with their brand. Adding faces to your website has the added advantage of breaking down any language barriers that may exist, as facial expressions do not vary across cultures.

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Creating brain-friendly websites can be an overwhelming process when you’re already expending all of your mental energies running your business. That’s where we come in. Are you ready to learn how Turn the Page Online Marketing can help customize your website to make it more grey matter compatible? Call (816) 527-8371 to talk to one of our online marketing experts today.

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