If you’re a small business owner you know how important your website is to your success. But building and maintaining a website is time consuming, difficult, and almost impossible for someone who doesn’t know anything about web technology, right?

Actually you might be surprised at how far websites have come. One way your average human with a little savvy can actually create and maintain a pretty darn good site is using WordPress.

I can hear you saying, “But isn’t WordPress only for blogging? And what’s for lunch?” For starters, soup and salad, but more importantly WordPress is a great choice for a website. It’s not intimidating, it’s user-friendly and allows for easy updating.

Turn The Page offers WordPress sites for small business owners who don’t have a ton of time to devote to web development but who understand how vital a properly functioning website is to their bottom line.

So why is WordPress so great?

A WordPress site is great for SEO, search engine optimization. The site is built for great optimization right from creation with built in SEO tools and third party plug-ins to increase your visibility.

If you’ve ever had to ask your webmaster to make even minor changes to your business site you’ll love WordPress. You can control every speck of content without having to know a stitch of HTML. Your site can be expanded, content can be added and removed, photos, videos, or other images can be added and it can even accommodate e-commerce. And of course it’s a dream for your business blogging.

You can add extensions to expand your site usability like surveys, multiple contact options, maps, shopping carts, linking, social media, and lots of other features. There’s a big plug-in directory on the WordPress site to get a good idea of what you can do.

Another nice thing about using WordPress is that there are always new things to try, new updates and tons of support. From online tutorials to security alerts they really support their product. And while WordPress is essentially free to use and build you can really increase its functionality with a paid upgrade.

Turn The Page designs WordPress sites that suit any manner of business as well as train business owners and staff how to make the best use of them. From blogging to adding videos to e-commerce, we can help your small business become more visible and more profitable.

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