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By now, all of our clients have received emails and have probably logged into our upgraded call tracking platform. We are excited for this upgrade because of the features it will allow us to do in the very near future.


  • Our new platform is more secure. We have several backup servers throughout the world and hope to curb the outages from our previous platform.
  •  Our new platform is more robust. We will have more options and services in the future. Some may include text options, etc.
  • Our new platform will has the ability for more layers of admin. We will be able to share information with regional managers and corporate staff, to help better show results.
  • Our new platform is compatible with more browsers. The old platform was only compatible with explorer, which hardly anyone uses anymore. Our new platform is compatible with the three main browsers Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Other browsers work, but some features will work better on the compatible browsers.
  • Our new platform also has an API that will allow Turn the Page to incorporate call information to our new (in development) TTP Results Dashboard. Our Dashboard is in development now and we hope to introduce it this fall!

Here are some helpful tips if you haven’t already logged in:

To See the Number of Calls You’ve Received

From your dashboard, click “analytics” on the top, left.
Click “Reports” on the top center.
From “Inbound Routes” choose your start/end date
Hover over the pie-chart to see number of calls for your specific trackable number.

To See Your Calls

From your dashboard, click “analytics” on the top, left.
Click “CDR” on the top, center. Your oldest calls will appear at the top. To change the date-range, click “Start/End Date to choose your range. Click Update.

To Listen from your calls

From the “CDR” screen where your calls are listed, click “Listen” on the right. A window audio window will pop up. To Download your recording. Put your mouse on the dark gray bark and right click. Choose “Save Audio As”. You can name your file and choose a location on your computer to store it. A “Download” button is getting worked on and is with the developers now.

To Change your Forwarding Number

From your dashboard, click “admin” on the top, left.
Hover over “Configuration” on the top, center and click “inbound routes”.
Choose the number (drop down under “extensions”).
Name the number in the “Quick Name” field
In the “Routing Options” at the bottom of the page. Change the drop down to “External Number” and enter the forwarding number in the field that pops up.
Do not include any spaces or characters in the field. example: 8005551212

To Change your Forwarding Number Through a Scheduler (Time Controls)

Did you know you can schedule which number your trackable number forwards to? You can do this easily from your admin screen when you log in. Here is a helpful video to help you use your Time Controls.

Please Note

Our new platform does not currently support auto email of the call recordings. You will have to login to listen. As mentioned above, you can download the calls and file or share them accordingly. We are working with developers to see if we can add this feature.

Our new platform does not currently support an auto “This message may be recorded”. However, we are currently working with the developers to include it.

We would love to hear your suggestions

We understand that tracking your ROI properly is vital to the success of your business. We are constantly working with the development team to improve our features. If you have a suggestion, send an email to your account manager.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact your account team.

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