Twitter Makes Tweets Measurable

Twitter has added Twitter Analytics to its suite of products for business.

Twitter is probably the least understood social platform, from the perspective of a small business owner.  Here are some basics before we get onto analytics.

You probably already know some Twitter numbers:

  • 200 million active users
  • 400 million tweets every day
  • 135,000 new sign ups daily

With numbers like this, Twitter decided to cash in sometime ago with Twitter for business.  The information exchange (140 characters) which allows people to connect in context is ready to be profitable.  The small business owner is one of their primary targets as they look to expand commercially.

Twitter works for small businesses in the following ways:

  • Connect with existing customers
  • Connect with potential customers
  • Monitor competitors
  • Industry insights

All this and more is available with the that old social media adage “Engagement.”  Like most Social Media, the most return on your Tweets comes from your followers.

Unlike Facebook though, Twitter information is available to anybody through search.  People tweet about anything so it is very likely your customer is on Twitter.  The first step in the process is to get followers on Twitter.

What are the main reasons people follow a business on Twitter?

  • Discounts and promos
  • Free Gifts
  • Entertainment
  • News about sales
  • Access to educational information

Of course engagement is generally a long and sometimes an unrewarding effort, particularly for a harried business owner.  How many times do you have time to think of 140 characters to Tweet in a day?

Twitter (ingeniously) came up with a shortcut — paid promotion.

Twitter Ads provides a solution for the business owner and Twitter’s accountant.  You can pay to promote:

  • Twitter Accounts
  • Tweets
  • Trends

Twitter Analytics — Our Finds

So after that very brief introduction to Twitter for business, onto the point of this post — Twitter analytics!  At a time when Google decided to curtail much of the useful information it provides for users of its Analytics with its “Not Provided” update, Twitter quietly launched its analytics to both regular and paid users.  There are a number of things you can measure.

1. Twitter Timeline

Above is an image of Twitter Timeline from Twitter Analytics this is a basic personal account with less than 500 followers and no paid ads.  You can see it is pretty basic providing just one month of data and no way to alter settings.  You can filter the results to either All, Good or Best.  In a situation with more followers and Tweets, this is critical to review the information provided more fully.

2. Twitter Followers

The example above is from the same personal Twitter account.  The followers information is provided in graph format over a 12 month period.  Very basic.  Of note, the dip in this account was when Twitter erroneously shut down the account as fake.  Really though, I am starting to think Analytics is an overstatement.

3. Website Traffic

Twitter also provides code that allows you to verify websites that you would like to track through analytics.  Because Analytics was only just launched, there is no data to show traffic to the site.  We are reasonably confident this is a very basic effort too.

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