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By August 10, 2013Social Media, Twitter

In a recent post, we applauded Pepsi’s innovative vending machine that dispenses beverages in exchange for Likes.  What’s cooler than this, though?  It wasn’t easy to find a worthy competitor, but we stumbled across something that’s just as awesome. Social media fans, meet ”Hundreds and Thousands,”  the LED tunnel fueled by tweets.

Our friends Down Under at Designworks and Benevolent Society teamed up to create this cutting edge light installation. Their idea is simple: the more you tweet, the brighter the light show. What’s more, though, is the message – or in this case, messages – that inspired the project.

Just as the name suggests, thousands of LED lights comprise the installation. However, the lights aren’t just there for decoration — they represent the hopes of thousands of Australians. For years now, the Benevolent Society has provided services that aim to improve people’s lives. And in the spirit of their mission, the organization invited natives to express their hopes for the future.

Using the #hopeforchange hashtag, the public can tweet a positive change they hope is achieved within the next 200 years. In return for their 140 character deposit, they’ll receive a beautiful  light show inspired by the dreams of a nation. If you weren’t already a believer, you can rest assured that social media is quite literally creating a brighter future!

With inventions like this light installation and Pepsi’s Like-fueled vending machine, it seems the applications for social media are limitless. So, what’s next? Cars powered by Instagram Likes, or how about free coffees in exchange for Facebook Shares? As writers and social media fanatics, we are particularly fond of the last idea.  Although we aren’t sure what social media has in store for us, we’re hopeful that it continues to help improve society, and if at all possible, is filled with the sweet aroma of freshly brewed coffee beans (*hint, hint*).

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