Why Traditional Marketing Techniques are Turning Your Clients Off

The modern consumer is barraged with advertising on a daily basis. Industry experts estimate that most people are exposed to between 3000 and 5000 advertisements per day.

How does the brain react to the constant flood of messages asking them to try, to buy, to discover, to switch, to indulge, today?

It shuts down.

In response to being constantly stimulated by marketing messages, the modern consumer simply shuts out the messages. And online advertising gets shut out of mind more than any other type. 82% of Americans report ignoring all online ads (vs. 37% who say they don’t pay attention to TV commercials), a fact that should make anyone spending money on online marketing worried.

So should online marketing companies despair?

Or should they evolve?

The End of Traditional Marketing?

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Why Traditional Advertising Techniques are Failing

Consumers are spending billions of dollars every year to avoid being exposed to advertising, paying for devices like ad blockers and Tivo to reduce the number of ads they see.  This speaks to how harassed consumers feel by traditional advertising and the way that it is constantly asking them for something. Traditional advertising is designed to interrupt your day, speaking at you instead of with you. In an effort to make their brands stand out, traditional marketing techniques have become so unpleasant that they drive consumers away from their message.

Approaching Online Marketing From a Different Perspective

The most effective new era online marketing techniques eschew the deep seated rules of advertising in favor of finding totally new ways of connecting to consumers. This new breed of marketers are selling by not selling. They realize that consumers are not getting product information from advertisements anymore because they get it from more reliable community sources like word of mouth or online reviews.

So What Works?

Online marketers are quickly realizing that the job of advertising is now not to interrupt, ask, and educate. Rather, effective advertising works by engaging with consumers, by actively choosing not to sell. Creating a pleasurable advertising experience that the consumer won’t run from is the only way to reach media savvy consumers.

But how?

Break the Fourth Wall

In theater, breaking the fourth wall means that you speak directly to your audience, letting them in on the joke. In marketing , it means that you create content like this that stands out not by screaming at consumers but by offering them a pleasant surprise.  Whether breaking the fourth wall takes the form of a Shakespearean aside or a wink at the camera in an online video, the technique makes audiences pay attention. When done well, choosing to break the fourth wall comes off as playful and different.

Successful online marketers have adopted this technique, using social media and content marketing to interact with their clients in a way that increases engagement. They use their knowledge of their audience to create interactive content tailored to inspire and amuse their audience. Breaking the fourth wall proves your business is cool, that you’re in on the joke. And by forgoing the same kind of marketing that all of your competition uses, you make a good case for the fact that you do business differently. By not trying to actively sell your product, you allow for the development of a relationship between your brand and the consumer that will last.

Let Us Show You How

Breaking through information overload to get your message heard is harder than ever before, especially if you’re trying to run your business at the same time. That’s where we come in. Are you ready to learn how Turn the Page Online Marketing can help you with innovative online marketing techniques that your competition definitely isn’t using? Call (816) 527-8371 to talk to one of our online marketing experts today.

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