Tailoring Your Marketing Strategy to the Pinterest Demographic

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Is Pinterest a part of your marketing strategy? If your company has any connection to women, crafts, home décor, food, DIY projects or family, it should be. If your company doesn’t have any of these connections, don’t rule yourself out — many other types of companies can do well on Pinterest as well.

Do you know how many users are on Pinterest?

According to the latest tally, there are 70 million users on Pinterest.

Simply pinning a few pieces of your content is not a strong marketing strategy. If you want your business to do well on Pinterest, your marketing strategy needs to include specifically targeting the types of people most commonly found on the site.

The Pinterest Demographic


According to several studies, nearly three-fourths of Pinterest users are women. This means that your Pinterest marketing strategy should be predominantly geared toward women. Of course, one-quarter is no small amount either, compared to the number of users on Pinterest. Gear your marketing strategy toward men, and you may find a niche with little competition.

Annual Household Income

According to another study, approximately one-quarter of Pinterest users make over $100,000 per year. This means that whether you sell expensive or less expensive products, there are users on Pinterest who would fit well into your marketing strategy. Do not be afraid to gear your marketing strategy accordingly.


Modea also notes that half of Pinterest users have children. Whether your marketing strategy targets parents or the child-free, your target audience is on Pinterest. Even if you sell products for children, who are not on social media sites, parents very frequently browse Pinterest looking for ideas for things they can buy and do for their children. This sets Pinterest apart from other social media sites.

If you haven’t included Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy yet, your company is missing out. Companies who use Pinterest to drive traffic and create sales as part of their marketing strategy often experience higher company growth and sales than those companies who do not.

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