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I don’t need an excuse to throw a party. Hey, it’s Tuesday — come on over! Some folks are not as keen to open up their houses so soon after the holidays and the merry chaos that comes with them…it can take up to months to find where the cousins hid grandma’s fruitcake and has anyone seen the cat….?But not me. I take the challenge of throwing a proper Super Bowl Sunday party head on and use it as an excuse to get a head start on Spring Cleaning – my secret agenda, really. And trying out new recipes…Chocolate Peanut Butter Bacon Bars, anyone??

This year was no different; our usual crowd of cattle ranchers and Amish neighbors were in attendance along with the wives who really don’t even care for the game other than winning their bets and collecting on their wages of wine…yep, that’s how we roll! The game was great, the company was fantastic as usual and the conversations were priceless….

2012 was the first year ever that the Super Bowl was streamed live – sure it has been in the past, you say, but this year was legal. And the 111.3 million viewers that tuned in Sunday night took full advantage of the live stream and spent a lot of time online…like we did!

41% of searches made during the game came from mobile devices and the top 5 trending on Google were :: 1. Madonna (How handy was the phone to prove the old timers that she really is 53 y/o) 2. Halftime Show (Yes, it was in 2004 the infamous “Wardrobe Malfunction” occurred) 3. Patriots 4. Tom Brady (We did a lot of searching for old quarterback stats and no, Kurt Warner did not win a ring for the Cardinals.) 5. Giants (Eli’s dad, Archie, played for the Saints, Oilers and the Vikings).

Think with Google on Google+ had this fun infographic to share — our crowd was definitely a part of this data which just goes to prove that it doesn’t matter if you are downtown or 120 miles from downtown…all you need is a table full of food, a big screen with satellite and a smartphone to settle the arguments on which Victoria Secret’s supermodel Tom Brady is married to!

So whether you like it or not we live in an Online world and the online influence on our daily lives continues to grow. If you own a business you had better be on the wave. If you are struggling with how; contact the guys at Turn The Page Online Marketing and they can help.

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