Six Strategies Every Business Should Be Using for Effective Email Marketing

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Email marketing is essential for every business, but only if you do it effectively. Don’t just send your emails out into space. Run an effective email marketing campaign with these six tips.

Email Marketing Strategies

Email Marketing Tip #1: Give People a Reason to Subscribe

People don’t generally give out their email addresses without a good reason. Providing an incentive or a freebie is a good way to motivate people to sign up. Incentives can be anything from a free printable to a coupon to access to a member’s only area.

Email Marketing Tip #2: Make Subscribing Easy

If your sign-up form is too long and involved, many people will quit halfway through. Ask only the basic information–your subscriber’s name and email–and you will have many more subscribers. Also, be sure to put the subscription box in multiple conspicuous places.

Email Marketing Tip #3: Let Subscribers Know What to Expect

Are your subscribers signing up for daily emails, occasional emails or something else entirely? Make sure you clearly state what your subscribers are signing up for so there are no surprises down the road.

Email Marketing Tip #4: Make Your Email Mobile Friendly

Nearly 50 percent of email readers now do so on their mobile devices. If your emails are not mobile friendly, you are sure to miss out on a valuable segment of your customer base. Use a one-column format, plenty of paragraph breaks and alternative image descriptions.

Email Marketing Tip #5: Only Share Quality Content

If you constantly send out emails with little valuable information, your subscribers will quickly become annoyed and unsubscribe. Only send an email when you have something important to say.

Email Marketing Tip #6: Know Your Audience

While there are hundreds of email marketing tips all over the Internet, the ones that work best for your individual audience are the ones that you should be using. Test to see which formats, headlines and content types work best. Then, stick with what works for your audience.

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