Are Spelling Errors Sabotaging Your Business?

By October 3, 2014Content Marketing

There is a silent killer that could be wrecking your online sales.

And it isn’t what you think.

It isn’t data theft. It isn’t your competition. It is on-page spelling errors.

Something so simple as one spelling mistake on your website can cost you half of your online sales. The reasons behind this dramatic statistic might surprise you. Read on to discover how damaging spelling and grammar problems can be for your business and to find out how you can fight back.

Can You Afford Typos?

The web currently consists of around 4.35 billion pages¬†and it is growing at a mind-boggling speed. This means the number of spelling errors are also accumulating at an alarming rate. If your business is one of those suffering from spelling problems, your bottom line may start to suffer in ways that you haven’t anticipated.

Loss of Credibility

Spelling mistakes, however harmless or unintentional, send a strong message to your clients. They say that you are not reliable. That you don’t care about your product. That you’re not capable of high-quality work. That you are too busy or too unorganized to be able to complete their project successfully. All of these messages are dangerous for businesses trying to maintain a competitive edge in an increasingly aggressive marketplace.

Rising Bounce Rates

Keeping your clients on your website long enough to get the information they need is key to the success of your site, and, in turn, your company. You only have a six second window to grab your customer’s attention, so if the thing that stands out about your site is the number of spelling problems and not your brand’s message, your bottom line will suffer.

Tumbling Rankings

Typos hurt your rankings on multiple levels. They reduce the time spent on-page, which works to reduce your rankings with major search engines. And while Google has never made a formal statement on exactly how much spelling and grammar problems affect rankings, they do indicate that errors should certainly be avoided at all costs in the name of producing the best possible content. Bing has taken an even stronger stand against spelling errors, stating, “If you struggle to get past typos, why would an engine show a page of content with errors higher in the rankings when other pages of error free content exist to serve the searcher?”

Get Your Spelling Errors Fixed Fast

One of the things we’re most proud of here at Turn the Page Online Marketing is the diversity of our team. We balance the wizardry of our web development team with a talented team of executives, and, yes, a gaggle of literature-loving, Grammar-Girl-following digital content writers ready to help stamp out spelling errors and get your business back on track. Call (816) 527-8371 to talk to one of our online marketing experts today.

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