After I got my 13 million dollars from the Nigerian prince, made 18K in a week just working from home and enlarged my, um, bank account by losing 25 pounds in fifteen minutes (you can too!) I got to thinking about Spam. It’s been around since the days of BBS (in case you don’t know, the term comes from a Monty Python sketch about ubiquitous spam on a restaurant menu) and shows no sign of stopping.

Spam has gone way beyond email these days and is rearing its ugly head with text spam for mobile phones and now social spam as bots roam Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other sites claiming this and that or offering eternal happiness by watching what this girl did on the Internet (you won’t believe it!).  Social spam is cheaper than email spam as it only takes a single post to generate multiple reactions. At least 280,214 users were tricked into interacting with spam set up by a company currently in litigation with Facebook. Tsk tsk people.

The lesson for all of us is the same as it ever was; don’t click on something if you don’t know where it came from. Just like you don’t ever let a vampire into your house and no one really likes being vegan.

But here’s the interesting thing about social spam: your business may be creating it without even knowing it. Our partners at Constant Contact has an interesting infographic (yay, pictures!) showing how your business may be cutting itself out of Facebook newsfeeds because what you’re posting is irrelevant, boring, useless or creepy. Pay particular attention to the Edgerank information. Basically, if you post content that gets ignored or reported you’ll disappear from the newsfeed of your fans regardless of whether or not they want you to.

So again, connecting with your customers comes down to engagement, relevant content and a benefit for your followers. Constant self-promotion and pat-us-on-the-back posts and Tweets or whatever outreach method you use just annoys people. We’ve covered this before and it just becomes more and more evident that social media marketing goes beyond promotion and into relationships.

If you’re unsure how to reach out to your customers (and potential customers) let Turn The Page Online Marketing show you how to positively engage, bring in more business and be found online. We live and breathe this stuff so why not put it to work for you?

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