Social Media Tools: Automation Dos & Don’ts

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Social media tools: automation do's and don'ts

Today, we live in a world where social media dominates the communication sphere. That is a fact, plain and simple. Because of this cultural shift, a number of social media tools have been developed, making the lives of social media marketers much easier. Used correctly, these social media tools can be very effective and have a positive impact on your communication. However, if these entities are misused, your communication can be seriously compromised. So, just how can you decide when to use these social media tools and when to avoid them?

Social Media Tools: Dos & Don’ts

This is not so much of an either-or issue. It is more of a to-what-extent situation. To make things easier, Turn the Page Online Marketing has created a list of things to avoid and things to do, when using automated social media tools.

1. Third Party Apps

  • DO use apps like Hootsuite or TweetDeck to schedule tweets and LinkedIn posts when it makes sense.
  • DON’T use these third party apps to schedule Facebook posts. The reason you do not want to do this is, because these posts can not be optimized as well as they can be on the site’s scheduler. For example, you are not able to tag people, places, and things in Facebook posts that are scheduled through an external app. Third party apps also don’t rank as well on Facebook due to Edgerank, the site’s ranking algorithm. Since ranking determines how many people view your post, make sure to avoid this mistake.

2. Content

  • DO use automation tools when it is convenient and effective. Clearly, you can not be attached to your computer all day long. Because of this, it is sometimes helpful to schedule a couple of posts throughout the day. This keeps the conversation going, which is important for any online communicator. If you do schedule a few posts, make sure you check back in throughout the day and engage with your audience in real time. When it comes to these tools, the key to success is finding a balance between scheduled posts and real-time engagement.
  • DON’T schedule the exact same content on all of your sites at the exact same time. Reading identical content on Twitter, Facebook, etc. can be a very monotonous experience for your audience. Social media was designed to promote good communication and quality content. Failure to produce this will result in a less engaged audience. In addition to creating dull content, distributing the same content across all of your communication platforms is also not visually appealing. If you are optimizing your content specifically for each social media site, you should understand that hashtags used in a Twitter post look out of place and are less effective on other communication platforms. To dodge this bullet, we recommend avoiding the crossover of social media feeds.

3. Engagement: A Must When Using Social Media Tools

  • DO use automation tools to disperse messages that will remain relevant when they are posted at a later date and time. The point of social media is to be social, so staying up-to-date with the latest news is an absolute must.
  • DON’T schedule messages and forget about them. In the event of a crisis, this can result in some serious backlash. In a crisis situation, it is critical that you are aware of the language you use when you communicate. For example, if there has been an explosion, avoid using terms like “scorcher” or “blast.” Time after time, you hear about messages being miscommunicated and misunderstood over social media. The takeaway? Stay engaged with your social media platforms throughout the day and be sensitive of any developments that may affect your communication.

Automated social media tools are very powerful, but it is crucial that you use them properly. Following these basic guidelines will help you stay in check. However, it is important that you take other precautions, too. When you are sharing your message with an online audience, always be careful — things can go viral in the matter of seconds.

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  • Uncle Sam's says:

    Im still not sure if I trust automation but this article makes me feel better about how to use it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Skip Knopke says:

    There is so much to think about when it comes to social media. Thank you for the good pointers and what not to do.

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