Social Media in Vending Machines?

By August 16, 2013Blog, Facebook, Social Media

Last week, Pepsi launched a very interesting approach to expanding their social media campaign. Instead of cash, their new vending machine accepts Likes.

Pepsi teamed up with TBWA Belgium to create this interactive new vending machine which made its first debut at a Beyonce concert.

Launched in Antwerp, Belgium, the Pepsi Like Machine dispenses a drink in exchange for a Facebook “Like”.

Location based services work to make sure your smart phone is within a close vicinity to the machine. But the machine certainly doesn’t exclude those without smartphones. An interactive 42” touch screen also allows Facebook users to login right on the vending machine.

The screen will then prompt users to login to Facebook and “Like” Pepsi. Once they’ve liked it, they get to choose their favorite Pepsi and it’s dispensed below. A timer is also set up to ensure that users are properly logged out of their account shortly after they’ve liked the page.

Other than creating a buzz, Pepsi has certainly done more than create a new form of currency. Pepsi is gathering some priceless information by knowing just who has tried their product and liked their page.

So what will Coca-Cola do? It seems as though these two have always gone neck and neck in competing for the best advertisements.

Coca-Cola recently launched vending machines in Pakistan and India allowing citizens to send beverages to each other. This is not only unique, but interesting based off of the tensions between these countries. Coca-Cola also recently introduced the “world’s thinnest vending machine” in France featuring Diet Coke. It’s slender build of less than a foot in width makes it different, but still leaves out a social media influence.

It seems like Pepsi has mastered the objective of tying social media into a vending machine. Even better, they have also discovered a great way to gather intel on their customers by providing samples in exchange for some love on Facebook.

Belgium loved it. So will we start to see these in the U.S.? And will we start to see something similar from other companies?



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