Reasons to be Thankful

When we were kids, Thanksgiving meant paper turkeys made out of our hands, lists drawn out in crayon of what we were thankful for and a break from school to drive our parents crazy for an extended weekend….but that probably still holds true in your household today if you are blessed with a family of your own. Fortunately for me my 6 month-old has never heard of a sugar rush so I can rest assured during my after dinner food coma, he’s probably not going to be sitting on the counter elbows deep in the pumpkin pie. Yet.

As adults, it can be hard to find the positive in the world we live in today. A poor economy. Crazy politics. War. Next door neighbors turning out to be people featured on the 6 o’clock news and not in a good way. If I knew what life would be like as an adult, I believe I would have begged to never grow up and promise to be a good kid forever. Time, however had it’s own agenda and here I am, a bona fide adult and a new parent living in this maddening yet beautiful world. Thanksgiving for me is looking past the hardships and complications life throws at us and recognizing and rejoicing in the things and people that matter the most to us. And sweet potatoes.

What about being thankful for social media? Have you taken the time to measure the impact social media has had in your life, personally and professionally? You most certainly value your business and hopefully want to push forward in the social media movement that has stormed the world. It is revolutionizing the way businesses are able to reach out and communicate to clients, all past and present and the rest of the 225 million Internet users out there. The potential is endless when social media is used properly to grow your business to the levels you dream of.

Social media is also revolutionizing people. From the movement in Spain earlier this year, #spanishrevolution, where millions of Spain’s own joined forces using Facebook and Twitter and other social media tools to influence change in the elections to the powerful role the Internet played in Egypt’s own radical government transformation. The world is changing by the fingers of those who are calling for and demanding peace and democracy. That makes me thankful for the power of communication in our own nation as well as across the world.

We are fortunate to live in a powerful nation as we do, even with it’s own handful of issues and corruption. Yet, we still lead the world as a force to be reckoned with and can peacefully rest tonight and every night thanks to the men and women who give their all defending and fighting for our freedom. I am thankful to each and every service member, both past and present and will keep them in my thoughts and prayers this Thanksgiving whether they are stateside or abroad, with family or thinking of family.

God bless and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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