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As you probably know the next new and BIG thing on the Interwebs is Pinterest. We covered it a while back but it’s already time for an update. Since then it’s exploded as a social media outlet for businesses of all sizes. So does another social network make sense for you as a business owner?

Pinterest is still predominantly used by women. If you sell burly man stuff like chainsaws and shave lotion for people who look like the Brawny man you can probably wait and see what happens. If you sell jewelry, home décor, food or services that women use you might want to start a page. There’s no distinction between business pages and personal pages so it’s new ground for exploration.

Start with a personal page to get your feet wet. Look around for a while to familiarize yourself with how it works, who’s there and what they’re pinning. Run some searches and follow people you like. Pinterest is another example of how social media can broaden your relationships; you don’t have to know someone to follow them or re-pin their stuff.

After your familiar with the space start your company page. Make sure you enter keyword rich content in the About section. Post your products and keep those keywords in their descriptions. Your images should link back to your website so make sure they do. You can also put Follow and Pin It buttons your website if you’d like to make it easy for your content to be shared. Don’t forget to let your Facebook and Twitter followers know you’re on Pinterest.

Make sure you vary your content, don’t just pin your own stuff. Create boards for industry related pins. If you’re a jewelry designer post about fashion, movies or beautiful wedding sites. Create interest around your brand by broadening your boards. Begin following people with similar interests to your business.

Engage your followers. Ask questions or create boards for them to post on. If you spend enough time you can create a community of interested followers who look for your content and will share it. Be good about following those who follow you.

A few notes about your business Pinterest page. You can read all kinds of stories from businesses that hugely increased their site traffic by having a Pinterest page. That may or may not happen for you. It’s an accessory but probably not a primary driver. Those businesses are also likely to have ecommerce sites and not necessarily services. Meaning traffic may be sent to your site but sales will probably only increase if customers can order what they’ve seen on Pinterest or other inventory from your website. Make sense?

There are also copyright issues lurking about. Some on one side say watch out and don’t post anything you don’t have the image rights to. Others argue that any promotion is good promotion and web content is open for pinning. Pinterest is addressing the issue and so far no one has been sued for posting an ugly lamp from Target on their boards.

Pinterest is another tool that you can use to promote your business. The difference may be that you approach it more as a person than as a brand. Think of yourself as a consumer of your own products or services and be creative. You might find a new avenue to generate customers. Or perhaps even gain some insight into what moves and motivates Pinterest users and that may help you think differently about how you conduct your business.

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  • You had got this right, can anyone recommend me some pinterest marketing guide, or even mentor me

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    Would be great to try for real estate…would be very interesting to see what results you would get!

  • Turn the Page has been instrumental in helping me set up my Pinterest account! Although we are still massaging it, I feel it could be a great tool to reach out to parents (mostly moms) and educate them on the signs of drug use and what options they may have available. It has taken some outside the box thinking by Catherine at Turn The Page to help make Pinterest a relative site to a service oriented company like ARCpoint Labs and I look forward to providing some feedback soon on what my results have been!

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