Paying for Facebook “Likes” – Pure Folly?


Facebook is beneficial for business.  Let’s start with that.  Social networking is here to stay.  Having a Facebook business page that is vibrant and engaging will help your business grow both your “brand” and your revenue.  The thing is: it’s not that simple.  Oh sure, it is relatively simple to set up a Facebook page for your business and get those first few likes.  It’s even relatively simple to optimize your Facebook page correctly to help with your business prominence online.  This strategy benefits your business with both visitors and search engines. But what happens when those your Facebook page likes start coming in less frequently? Is it in your best interest to simply pay for those Facebook likes?

A Social Culture

My experience is most business owners don’t want to hear this next piece.  Generally, business owners want the hyped version of social media for their business.  Just get started and it’s a road to riches!    The problem is that to really succeed you have to change your business culture.  You have to start with moving from interruption marketing to permission based marketing as step one.  That means changing your business culture, and sometimes your whole business model.

What is Permission Based Marketing?

In basic terms, you are not interrupting someone’s day.  You operate in such a way that people engage with you on their terms.  This is challenging for a business to adapt to because it requires a complex change in how it operates.  True permission based marketing centers around “free engagement”.  (There are already signs of abuse in this arena with companies using thinly veiled “Free Offerings” to generate sales)  Free engagement is the culture of your company freely engaging in the social spectrum.  To do this takes time; valuable time; no doubt.  Your business can’t wake up one day and be engaged.  You have to commit and your business culture has to commit.  To what you ask?  A thriving “free engagement” culture that reflects our digital age coursing through the veins of your company is the only way.

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Facebook Likes

By now you are probably wondering what any of this has to do with paying for Facebook “Likes”.  You know; “Likes” are those things that people do on your business page and it is the first stage in a relationship with a potential customer.  Potential is the operative word.  A Facebook like does not equate to a customer/sales opportunity, it merely allows for engagement.  There’s that word again!  So by getting the like you have the opportunity to engage your likes with a socially vibrant and engaging Facebook page.  Over time you can build trust, reputation and brand with your Facebook likes.  Just as with friends there is an ebb and flow to your relationship depending on your ability to engage regularly and be interesting at the same time.  Sounds complicated and time consuming right?  So little wonder then that there is a market for buying Facebook “Likes”.

Buying Facebook “Likes”

I think I remember a boy; not a very pleasant boy; paying kids to be his friends at school.  For me that was probably a more successful purchase than buying Facebook “Likes” – at least he knew his paid friends were real. A business paying for likes makes no sense, you don’t get returns on paid friends and you don’t get engagement with paid likes.  Where do paid likes come from?  Have you ever been offered money to like a Facebook Business Page?  Paid likes are generally created from false profiles with literally thousands of likes.  There is an expose’ by the BBC on the matter.  Yes, it’s pure folly to pay for Facebook “Likes”.

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  • Is marketing on the internet much easier or more challenging presently in your case ? I honestly feel that it may be a lot more “competent”, as a result half-arsed initiatives will never do these days. A decade in the past, tossing an amateur web site to the internet and a few unpolished Adwords campaigns would probably do mainly because … to be honest, because just about all was indeed amateur’ish. Lately, vendors plus customers have elevated the quality, and now you better become a pro to be able to shine.

  • Robby says:

    I think you told us once Danielle – LOL!

  • Danielle says:

    I’m glad you posted on this – and I agree with you. Quality over quantity sometimes takes a lot longer but has big payoffs in the end. Thanks for answering a question that’s been hanging on my mind. How did you know?

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  • Thanks for the great post. It seems that trying the easy road to riches isn’t really there, but people will always try and sell it.

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