Keyword Targeting Strategy

Before writing your PPC campaign, we develop a comprehensive keyword targeting strategy, including negative keywords. This ensures that our ads target only those most likely to convert, improving your cost-per-click and ROI. And we’ll add targeted keywords and negatives on a monthly basis, keeping your campaign fresh.

Campaign Builds

Other so-called PPC experts select 10-20 keywords to target and build 1-2 ads around those. We structure our paid search campaigns to make things better faster. This means building hundreds of Ad Groups, conducting A/B testing on copy and other variables, and structuring campaigns with proper categorization and matching.

Analytics & Conversion Tracking

During the setup process, our PPC experts implement a tracking code for Google Analytics, PPC Conversion Tracking, and Call Tracking. This enables our team to monitor your account and report actual data on conversions and ROI so you can see what we’re producing for you.

Daily Campaign Adjustment

PPC campaigns as highly-structured and sophisticated as ours can’t be treated as a “set it and forget it” endeavor. That’s why we’re in your account every day examining data and making necessary adjustments. We analyze A/B test results, conversion rates, and quality scores to determine what works, what doesn’t, and in what combination.

Bing or Yahoo Ads

In addition to our Google Adwords expertise, we’re also seasoned in running campaigns on Bing and Yahoo. Though Google is the biggest search engine in the United States, with 75.2% of the search market, there are opportunities to target certain niche demographics on Bing and Yahoo. We can create and manage campaigns that net you great results on all three platforms.

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Facebook Advertising

We combine our paid search prowess, consumer research, savvy targeting tactics, and our content writers’ copywriting talents to create Facebook ads that resonate with your target market. Facebook’s advertising platform gives us the flexibility to create and optimize campaigns with diverse objectives and conduct extensive A/B testing on demographics, imagery, copy, and more, all while tracking ROI.

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Remarketing or Display Ads

Want to stay top of mind for your current customers or push a lead into taking the plunge? Remarketing, also called display advertising, is your opportunity to pinpoint individuals who have already visited your website. We leverage this capability and use sophisticated targeting strategies ensure that the people that see your ads are in the right stage of the customer journey, helping boost conversion rates and ROI.

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