Our Online Marketing Predictions for 2013

How we think the world of digital marketing is going to evolve in 2013.

The digital world is starting to become a place where people love to be, instead of a place they have to be. With that, the digital world has become more empowering, social, and even friendly as its colossal number of users grows even larger.

We all know that the ways of search engine marketing change as quickly as the weather. Or so it seems. As a results-driven agency, we strive to stay ahead of the game so you don’t have to. Our predictions to how the world of online marketing will evolve in 2013 are as follows:

On-hand Data Integration. The integration of data to your online marketing efforts is becoming the most manageable way to see your results. In this instance, your proof is in the pudding. These analytics will become more available and easier to use for business owners.

Call to Action. Interactive content was an important piece of online marketing in 2012. We believe more and more clients will pick up on the success of this initiative. We also expect the encouraged engagement to develop more with metrics like time spent on a page, for example.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC). Google’s PPC will continue to evolve with its modification capabilities. Marketers will be able to spend money here more effectively.

Mobile. Integrating mobile into campaigns will rise this year. We will see more mobile optimized websites and email and these will become more strategic.

Social Media. In 2013, we may all witness a decrease in the satisfaction of Facebook users. It will be interesting to see what Facebook does to try to satisfy stockholders. They are, however, implementing Open Graph Concepts this year. It looks like this will be a useful tool to control your brand this year.

Local. Looks like this year, Google may introduce a paid option for G+ local. This will be a great way for Google to solve the issue of incorrect listing information. Local businesses can pay for an enhanced listing with this integration.

Rankings. Search engine rankings are going to fluctuate way more often. We can see these rankings shift on a week to week or eventually day to day basis. Social Media is also going to continue to be a large factor in search rankings. Users are going to want the most current data and they’re going to get it.

It looks like we’re going to see a lot of changes in the upcoming months of 2013. For more information about keeping your business ahead of the game and interacting with current and potential clients, contact Turn the Page.

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