Online Marketing & Pranks: The Perfect Pair

Online marketing and pranking

This should come as a complete surprise to exactly nobody that has ever read a word about TTP: we like April Fools’ Day. And while we’re not about to reveal what we’ve got up our sleeves for our unsuspecting (okay, they’d be ridiculous not to expect something) employees, we will gladly reveal some of our favorite pranks that businesses have played on their coworkers and on the public. They are, in no particular order:

PrankThe Google Maps Pokemon Challenge

This prank from last year brought tears of joy and nostalgia to every ’90s nerd. Everyone’s favorite little digital creatures were hidden throughout the world, making gamers scour the map to capture them. Because this prank was so short-lived, we doubt many were able to catch ’em all.

Virgin Tycoon Richard Branson Buys Pluto

If there was anyone wealthy enough on this planet to buy another planet (OH WAIT), it would be Richard Branson. While his latest space exploits are very real, in 2011, Virgin announced to the world that Sir Branson had bought the scorned dwarf planet and was planning to return it to its former glory.

Kodak Offers Kitten Printer

While Kodak has sadly been fading into obscurity in recent years, they consistently play very silly, very funny April Fools’ Day jokes using their website. In 2012, they pulled what was probably the most adorable prank ever when they announced they had developed a machine that allows cat photo-enthusiasts to make their dreams a reality and print a real-life, adorably fluffy little kitten.

A Happy Holiday to All!

Playing an April Fools’ Day joke (as long as it’s a good one) can be a unique and valuable internet marketing tool, so we recommend you start brainstorming now if you haven’t already. And be on the lookout for some prank blog posts from some of TTP’s very own clients!

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