New Penalty for Doorway Pages: How Will This Affect My Google Ranking?

Most websites rely on a good Google ranking to drive traffic toward them. A Google ranking is usually improved by -providing plenty of rich, keyword-driven content that provides useful information to visitors. Knowing this, reputable websites work hard to add new content that will bolster their Google ranking and get Web surfers clicking on their links.Brick wall blocking the office doorway for a businessman concept

What Is a Doorway Page?

However, some website developers have made use of “doorway pages” to improve their site’s Google ranking. A doorway page is a sneaky tool used to increase a website’s search footprint. A link to the doorway page pops up in the search results list, but instead of containing useful data that doorway page is really just designed for search engine robots. Users, who rely on a high Google ranking to take them to a worthwhile website, click on the doorway page only to be whisked elsewhere, which can be frustrating to the user. Website authors may have produced several doorway pages that take up the first several hits in the Google ranking. The searcher believes they will be visiting various separate websites and instead keep being led back to the same place.

Bait and Switch Tactics Mean Skewed Google Rankings

Google understands how much companies rely upon their Google ranking to drive customer traffic. That’s why they are constantly making efforts to improve their search engine capabilities. Because doorway pages inherently skew the Google ranking search results, the company is seeking to penalize those that rely on these bait and switch tactics. To combat these tactics,¬†Google has announced that they will be making a Google ranking adjustment. This means that they are making changes to their search algorithm. Essentially, the alteration to the algorithm is intended to weed out the doorway pages so that more Google ranking search results are unique, useful websites.

Google’s New Algorithm Means Rich Content for Users

Google seems confident that the effects of the algorithm change will immediately be noticed by websites that rely on a doorway page campaign. Hopefully, web users will also notice the change in improved Google ranking results.

The new algorithm may mean a boost in Google ranking results for the kinds of content-rich, useful and meaningful websites that users are typically seeking. Turn The Page Online Marketing’s experts deliver the content-rich websites Google users want, driving Web traffic to you.

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