My Dog Ate My Blog…

Could it be just a bit ironic that this blog is about the importance of homework and accountability of ones tasks and workload and….it’s past deadline?  I hope the folks who write my paycheck find the humor in it.   And are happy that I have it done, even if it is just a couple few days late.  We all have things to do in life. Places to go. People to see.   Recitals. Doctors appointments.   Soccer games. And then add work to it. Tasks. Meetings.   Phone calls.   Christmas video shoots. Life can be a little hectic at times and (if you’re one of the lucky ones I hear about) you get to balance somewhat of a social life on top of it!

One of my life’s greatest mentors taught me about accountability more than anyone else ever has.  At the time, I referred to him as a very taboo name that rhymes with ‘Yahtzee’ but he was just doing his job as my high school basketball coach. He instilled such hard work values into me that I still sometimes have nightmares but, much later in life, I have found the meaning of the point he was trying to get across ::

No one is going to do it for you. You have to do it yourself, but most importantly you have to DO it. Anything can be excuse and quite frankly, no one wants to hears the whole back story when you made a commitment and then failed to follow through.

The same values can easily translate into all areas of life and especially with what we do here at Turn The Page Online Marketing. Social media isn’t going to ‘Like’ itself or ‘Tweet’ itself or gather reviews from already more than happy and willing to share clients and customers.  It takes a little human effort and some time spent to sit down and work on the tasks at hand.  And when those tasks are done, there are always more to do! Social media is constantly evolving and living life in the fast lane. Staying on top of the little things are going to make keeping up with world online much easier for you and the results are going to make drastic changes for your business!!

So, the next time you look at your calendar or agenda and you think there is no way all of those tasks are going to get done because I don’t have the time nor patience, just remember!  Coach W doesn’t care if the power is out and there is 6 feet of snow on the ground…you better be at basketball practice or you’re out for the season!

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