SEO is really no more, be gone and rest in peace.  This passing though is more that of the caterpillar giving way to the butterfly.  Since its beginning SEO never gave credence to social.  SEO and SMO were two separate camps.  A company in tune with the digital age saw these two as separate marketing channels, fiercely protected by the experts in each.  Fortunately time waits for no man and online marketing drives forward without regard for feelings or position.  It is now apparent that in order to get found online your business needs an online presence that is aligned for SEO AND a comprehensive Social presence that maintains contact with people associated with your brand.

Today, SEO and social have morphed into one beautiful opportunity.  Searchers can just as easily find a company through Twitter as they can Google — and those social media links are busy boosting a company’s SEO presence and brand prominence.

Even Rand Fishkin of  SEOmoz noted, finally that social can now affect your search results — which has really been true for quite a while.  The latest blog post from Google Search details the depth of change that has already happened.  meaning that all that traditional SEO legwork you put in could be displaced because a searcher’s Aunt Myrtle shared a related link.

Now your social reach will impact your SEO reach.  And there is no hiding place for your brand – good or bad.  Whether you are socially engaged or not people will talk about your brand online.  If the Bob Jones share your link it might be your site that gets a bonus mention in the SERPs.   Now more than ever what they say and feel will drive the results your potential customers see online.

It is apparent to me that having an understanding of your brand and how to engage with it online; is critical to business success.  If you would like advice on how to take advantage of this metamorphosis reach out to Turn The Page Online Marketing.

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