Meet the Page Turner: Tonya Frank-Wadel Edition

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Now in MtPT, we introduce you to the lady that keeps everyone in line: Tonya Frank-Wadel. A master of LiquidPlanner, our project management software, Tonya ensures that everyone is getting their work done, and does so sassily.

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You want things done and done well? Tonya’s got your back. For more information about working with Turn The Page, call our online marketing experts today at (816) 527-8371 or (844) 889-5001.

Author Kelsey Maggio

Kelsey is the Associate Creative Director of Content at TTP. She was a Walter Williams Scholar at Mizzou in her past life, then went on to graduate with a degree in Public Relations & Advertising from DePaul University. After attending Chicago Portfolio School for copywriting, she moved to Kansas City and joined the Page Turners in September 2014. She's probably a little too obsessed with her dog.

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