Live Chat: The Next Step in Customer Service

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Why add a live chat option to your website? Live chat isn’t simply a way for your customers to get immediate answers. A live chat tool adds a valuable level of customer service to your company practices. 

The Next Step in Hospitality

There are many benefits to adding a live chat to your website:

Increased Sales

The American Marketing Association (AMA) study found that companies who use a live chat saw a 305% ROI improvement after six months. The same study showed that live chat can increase conversions by 20%. Customers appreciate businesses that take the time to answer their questions. Live chat provides increased opportunities to turn your site’s visitors into customers.

Competitive Advantage

Live chat provides a unique opportunity to interact with your customers. Only 9% of 1,000 businesses use live chat on their site to interact with their customers. Chances are good that utilizing a live chat on your website will put you ahead of your competitors. You will have better chances to interact with your customers and engage with new visitors, which can turn into sales.

Customer Convenience

There is some small part in all of us that hates using the phone to call for assistance. Studies show that customers prefer using a live chat feature when they need help. Customers appreciate being able to reach support at their convenience. In fact, while 51% of customers use live chat so they can multitask, another 21% prefer live chat because it lets them shop while they work. Convenience goes a long way when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Reduced Expenses

Live chat allows most employees to assist several customers at once. Well-trained employees can handle 3-6 chats at once, greatly reducing the amount of support staff needed at one time. Live chat eliminates the confusion of trying to bounce back and forth between support emails and phone calls.

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