LinkedIn Launches Enhanced Search Features

By January 1, 2013LinkedIn, Social Media

Today, LinkedIn introduced several enhancements to their site, including a unified search bar. The new search bar will serve up a list of not only people, but companies, jobs, and groups into one comprehensive page of results. The query will then learn and understand the user’s intent over time and offer more relevant results with each search.

Over 5.7 billion searches were performed on this professional networking site last year, which makes the new search experience a much anticipated upgrade. Once a search is done in the advanced search, the member can then narrow their results using filters. This is where the smarter query intent algorithm comes in to increase the relevance of results.

LinkedIn has also added more filters to let members narrow their search by location, company, and school. While members type their search, the new auto-complete feature will suggest a list of search options. The more often searches are made, the more relevant the auto-complete will become at predicting the correct content. If a saved search result has changed, members will have access to automated alert options that will send notifications.

The new auto-complete and suggested search features, along with the smarter query intent algorithm, will begin to roll out to LinkedIn members today. In the next couple weeks, members will begin to see enhanced advanced search and the automated alerts option.

These upgrades to LinkedIn’s search options will make a search easier for any type of user: employers, job-searchers, group members, etc. We also believe the smarter query intent algorithm that will auto-fill your search will make searching similar to other platforms such as Google and Facebook. It will also make suggestions in the case that your search is general and not specific.

What do you think of the new LinkedIn features? Do you see the benefits of these upgrades for the next time you do a search on LinkedIn?


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