It’s Okay to be Friends with Coworkers (It’s Actually a Good Thing)

It’s Okay to be Friends with Coworkers (It’s Actually a Good Thing)

If you’re fans of TTP on Facebook, you know that we like to have fun. We get freaky on Fridays, dress up for holidays and regularly go out to lunch with one another. And this past week, we’ve had two major office-takeover pranks that have lightened the mood and sent the writers on an intense investigation to find the perpetrators. For a lot of us, our coworkers are our friends. And to many, this is very important.

It’s Science


Actual photo of the Writers’ Room’s current state

According to an article published by the American Psychological Association, “research shows that workplace friendships can increase job satisfaction, productivity and job commitment while decreasing stress and turnover.” When you are able to laugh and talk about life outside of work with your colleagues, it becomes easier to talk about life inside of work. Some find it eases the work-life balance when you feel like you can actually enjoy your job and the people that surround you.

Good for You, Good for the Company

When you care about the people you work with, you care about their success. You’re more likely to help a coworker in need when they’re also a friend, because you have more invested in the outcome than it being merely work-related. In short, you see them as people, rather than an autopilot.

Questionable Waters

Some are unsure of the merits of making friends at work and prefer to keep to themselves, rather than risk muddying the waters. However, workplace friendships function at their best when they’re formed on a foundation of honesty and expectations. If you know what you expect from one another and are able to truthfully and effectively communicate that, the friendships can be quite healthy and beneficial to not only you, but the company.

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