It is OK! No Panic, Facebook Fans…yet!

ComScore posted their latest Media Matrix ratings for last month and the popular social site, Facebook, showed a decline in unique visitors in December…about 14 million unique visitors behind Yahoo and down a total of eight million from the month before.Does this mean we are to abandon our timelines and profiles and say goodbye to our old high school friends and family members with whom our only communication is through status updates and posts? No, I don’t think so. Facebook isn’t on its way out and certainly wouldn’t go down without a bigger fight. We just got a little sidetracked with the holidays and spent too much time tracking packages and looking for last minute gifts rather than keeping up.

Other sites have definitely been paying attention and learning from the social media mogul to their advantage. Google+ is making itself known and being a “+” member myself, I welcome the change of pace it has to offer over Facebook. I feel more grown up; less cat pictures and a lot less mindless chatter. Maybe I shouldn’t accept all those old acquaintances as friends…This may be stepping on some toes but I don’t think Google+ is ready to take over as social media king, but, when it comes to search engine royalty, Microsoft and Yahoo fall in rank. Google knows what it’s doing and I don’t think it’s going to take long for them to give Facebook a better run for its money, socially speaking.

But, don’t panic! Facebook is still a very useful and viable way for business owners to reach out to customers to create a unique bond.  At Turn The Page Online Marketing, we’re certainly keeping a close eye on the widening gap between the top three search sites and Facebook itself but I’m personally not convinced it’s time to say goodbye…yet. Change is no doubt inevitable but keep up with the posting and reaching out to customers and all the potentials out there still surfing the news feed daily…we’ll let you know when it’s time to log out!

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