Is Blogging Like Laundry?

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My clients, who are not writers, tend to have a difficult time with blogging, at least initially. For someone who is not in the habit of writing every day or every week, this can be a daunting task, even a little intimidating. The thought of an audience judging your work and your thoughts can make anyone put-off what needs to be done. And in this day and age, blogging needs to be done.

Initially, it’s like laundry. You shouldn’t go without doing your laundry on a regular basis because eventually, you will run out of underwear and end up wearing a bikini bottom. When your business doesn’t blog (and your competition does) you also lose face. Your business will slowly inch its way to running out of clean underwear.

One of the most important reasons to blog is that it will build your sense of authority and trust with customers. As you post relevant information, readers will begin to see you as an expert and know that you are a valuable resource.  Just like other forms of social media, there are other benefits of blogging.

A blog can also help you achieve some business goals and give you:

  • Visibility – If you post quality content frequently, your blog will enhance your online presence.
  • Credibility – By posting content that is beneficial to the reader, you build a dedicated audience that looks to you for answers.  This audience will eventually become an advocate for your business.
  • Leads – Every time you publish a new post, your blog can act as a means to reach out to your leads and convert them to customers.
  • Free Press – Your blog can serve as a platform to promote new products or services.
  • Feedback – A blog is a great tool to engage in conversation with your audience. It gives your readers an opportunity to give you valuable insight and feedback.

There is some preparation that you have to do before you begin.  When doing your laundry, you have to sort.  When beginning a blog, you have to create your plan. You should think about the purpose of your blog, your audience and what you hope to achieve. This will help you stay focused when identifying topics.

Most of us were taught to write in a more formal format, and I think that can be the source of some intimidation.  Blogging can be less formal, more like you are talking to a friend.  Having that informality gives the reader a sense of personal connection to you and gives your blog it’s personality.

Blogging is a hard habit to get into, but once you start seeing results, believe me, it gets a lot easier.  I might even say that you get inspired. Once you get in the habit of looking for topics, writing and giving good information, you will find that it is actually rewarding. Eventually, you will find yourself blogging more often.

Although I can’t honestly say that having clean laundry is inspiring (so maybe that was a bad analogy), I can say that blogging is necessary and in the end, like laundry, you will be happy you did it.

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