Increase in Mobile Marketing for 2013

You may have seen headlines stating that mobile will overtake fixed internet access by 2014. If this holds true, businesses should quickly consider the impact mobile marketing is going to have.

According to a recent study, 70% of marketers plan to increase mobile spending in 2013. If you consider this rapid growth in mobile use, this may be absolutely necessary. Perhaps, if marketers already have a budget in place, they may not necessarily need to increase. We do, however, need to get smarter about our mobile strategies this year. At this point, it’s about making these mobile campaigns more effective.

In 2013, it’s expected that the U.S could reach up to $2.6 billion in mobile spending. This estimation reflects spending on search, display, and messaged-based formats. Mobile ads on smartphones alone are expected to reach up to $5 billion by 2015.

With most of us being locked onto our smartphones throughout the day, marketing on mobile devices only seems logical. We use our phones as cameras, calendars, and to hold all our personal data. This is setting up marketers a great opportunity on a silver platter. But, in order to market your brand to busy on-the-go consumers, it needs to be done right.

Those of us that are attached to our smartphones understand that timely information is the biggest key. Possibly the biggest mistake that a marketer could make is treating their mobile presence the same as their website. Remember: mobile is an entirely different medium where users can easily avoid ads. Another mistake is creating an app just to have one. For brands that can create an app that provides value to their consumers and a specific functionality, those apps are successful.

It seems most effective for a brand to take a step back and think about their consumers. What problems can be addressed; what process can we make easier for our customers? Starting with those questions will surely spark better results than simple banner ads (most often clicked because of an accidental touch) or an expendable app.

Mobile marketing can be extremely beneficial to a brand, especially when audiences decide to opt-in. Gaining subscribers to real-time information or even coupons can increase lead generation and sales. This “real-time” concept holds mobile above all other forms of advertising.

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