The SEO world is Buzzing with Hummingbird.

And sometimes, it gets a little confusing for the average business owner.  This is not meant to be condescending. The simple truth is that business owners have better things to do than to work out the technicalities of another change from Google.  This humble post is designed to give you some basic answers about Hummingbird.

We hope these simple truths will help you decide how much attention Hummingbird deserves and what changes you need (if any) to your online presence.

What has Hummingbird Changed?

Hummingbird has changed the way Google provides results for online search.  Potentially, this change is significant enough to change the requirement from SEO to ODD (Online Data Development) over time.  Results are now more semantic in nature providing a broader range of answers.  Some of these answers will be presupposed based on the data known about the searcher themselves.  Personal search results are now partially determined by a series of factors including but not limited to:

  • Searcher’s location
  • Searcher’s search history
  • Searcher’s social signals
  • Searcher’s social connections and their search history (Google+)
  • The Brand of a business is now more recognizable as an operating entity. 

10 Hummingbird Takeaways for business

  1. Hummingbird is most likely the first of many updates taking Google from a Search Engine to an Answer Engine.
  2. Your physical business location and the structure of data around your physical location remains crucial.
  3. Search results are now more than ever based on the searcher’s preferences and different searchers will — more often than not — get different results for the same search.
  4. Keyword rankings are dead as a matrix of measurement.  “Not Provided” closed the coffin lid on keywords.  More than ever; please ignore solicitations claiming to place you number one on Google.
  5. SEO is in a real state of flux.  Structured data is replacing traditional SEO techniques.  SEO has been morphed into the manipulation of semantic data into search answers by Hummingbird.  ODD!
  6. Technical SEO is more important with a growing need for mark up of all your online data.  This means you are not getting value for money from any SEO provider who doesn’t have access to the back-end of your website.
  7. Understanding who your customer is has become a must.  Search answers are tailored to the persona of the searcher.
  8. The Noose tightens another notch for black hat SEO providers.
  9. Because of significant changes to Google search engine results page (SERP) landscape a combination of targeted paid search and organic development will provide the best results.
  10. We believe that because of Google’s Hummingbird enhancement (assuming Google’s continued success), that Google+ will become the primary social network.


Improving your results from Online Marketing has changed irrevocably with Hummingbird.  Embrace the change and understand that there is opportunity in change.


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