How to Use Periscope to Increase Sales

Periscope marketing

There’s a new kid on the block in the social media scene: Periscope. The live video streaming app is currently available on iOS and Android, since being released last year. In recent months, the Periscope scene has exploded with individual and commercial users alike. Businesses and marketers in particular have found ways to use the app to promote products and services in a whole new way.

Using Periscope as a Marketing Tool

Periscope users can live-stream videos anytime, anywhere. Viewers watch the videos real-time and can write comments that will appear on the screen during the video session. This does not come without its challenges. Using Periscope takes away a lot of the ability to control the story that marketers are used to having. Most other forms of marketing allow for a controlled environment and a planned, branded message. However, with Periscope anything can happen. Glitches or unplanned moments can occur in the live video, and commenters can spam up the screen with irrelevant comments. That means that brands that choose to experiment with the app must be prepared for the unexpected and accept that loss of control.

One basic thing companies can do to avoid any major mishaps is to have at least one person on hand outside of the video to screen comments for anything inappropriate.

Using Periscope to increase sales

Play to Periscope’s Strengths

In order to be successful, Periscope videos need to play to the strengths of the app. The nature of the app encourages candid and spontaneous content that, if done right, can connect your brand to viewers on a very personal level. Some ideas for video content include:

  • Taking viewers behind the scenes – Showing consumers candid scenes around the office will help them see the authenticity of your brand and feel connected to your brand in a new way.
  • Product launches – When your company is launching a new product or hosting a special event, make consumers feel like they are a part of the action using live, spontaneous videos.
  • Live tutorials – Tutorial videos are already popular on sites like YouTube because they are useful, and Periscope makes it even better by enabling viewers to ask questions during the video.
  • Special promotions – Use your other social media accounts, like Twitter, to drive consumers to Periscope for special promotion codes that are only available through tuning in.

What makes these video ideas work? First of all, they give consumers something they won’t get anywhere else: personal, real-time access to a brand or company they’re interested in. These types of videos give brands the opportunity to have a conversation with consumers; as viewers post comments during the live video, you can have people on hand ready to respond and answer questions. This is a whole new way to get consumers excited about your products and services or about the launch of new products.

Do you have ideas on how to use Periscope to promote your brand? Share with us in the comments!

How to use Periscope as a marketing tool to increase sales

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