How to Create a Successful Holiday Marketing Strategy


As the holiday season quickly approaches its busiest time, it’s important to make the effort to create a standout holiday marketing campaign. The holiday season tends to be when people spend the most money on everything from gifts to food, decorations, and services. The trick is to give potential customers a reason to choose your business over the multitude of others vying for their attention in flashing lights. Marketers know that this is the ideal time to use the seasonal holiday fever to your advantage, with the help of a great holiday marketing strategy. Here’s how:

Develop a Personalized, Consistent Campaign

When developing your holiday marketing strategy it’s crucial to stay consistent with your brand, while creating original and timely content. Finding ways to invoke the positive feelings of celebration and family will help your business to inspire an increase in holiday shoppers. Make sure to use fonts and graphics that are consistent with your brand, but find ways to incorporate holiday cheer, whether that means Christmas trees or snowy scenes. Keep in mind that this is the time of year when consumers are especially interested in finding good discounts and deals, so it’s important to incorporate that into your campaign as well.

Time Sensitive Deals

The holidays can be one of the most stressful times during the year. While this season is supposed to be one of good tidings and cheer, often people find themselves rushing around trying to take care of each item on their long lists. Tie in this theme to your marketing campaign by creating timely ads for time-sensitive special deals. Emphasize the importance of not wasting any time to take advantage of your special coupon or discount. Consider ways to make your business stand out, like offering free shipping, percentage discounts, or referral deals. Make sure that your deal or discount fits your brand and your business. For example, the ad below that we created for Aardvark takes advantage of the cold season to advertise how this business’s services will help you stay cozy.


Interact on Social Media

Don’t underestimate the power of social media when it comes to your holiday marketing campaign. Make sure to update all business social media pages with profile and cover imagery that is fit for the season, like the cover image featured on our Facebook page below.


The graphic uses our brand colors, but also has some holiday elements. This will show your customers that your business is keeping up with the times and that you care about how your present yourself. You can also use social media to share special holiday events and discounts and make use of hashtags (do a simple search to figure out some popular holiday-related hashtags) to help make your business more visible to a wider audience.

Invest in Paid Social

It’s no longer enough to simply keep and update a social media page. More and more, businesses are utilizing the Facebook paid advertising tool to get new followers and attract potential new customers. Facebook makes it easy to target specific demographics based in interests, location, and many other helpful categories. Plus, it’s a very cost-effective way to advertise. Facebook ads are cost-per-click, meaning that you’ll only have to pay for those who actually click on the ad. Facebook ads are an especially smart idea as consumers turn more and more to online shopping to avoid the stress of running around to different stores and waiting in long lines. Facebook ads are image-rich, making it easy to create seasonal ads, like the one below that we created for Aardvark, that will attract holiday shoppers.

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