How I fell in love with Twitter

By January 1, 2013Social Media

I first met Twitter in February 2009. A local PR Rockstar set us up and convinced me to give it a try. My argument was that I didn’t know what to post. She advised me to follow some people who I thought were interesting and just read for a couple of weeks.

I took her advise and just read. I slowly started to post by retweeting the interesting things I was reading and occasionally posting my own information. I wouldn’t have called myself a Twitter-lover at that point, we were just casually dating.

Fast-forward to February 2010. I attend a Social Media panel at KC/IABC’s conference, Business Communicators Summit. I found out that Kris Ketz, of KMBC tweets and he explained how he, as a news reporter, used Twitter. I started following Mr. Ketz and discovered new uses for this social media outlet, other than work. We started getting serious.

Now, I always wanted to be that person who wakes up in the morning, reads the paper while drinking a nice cup of coffee. But I honestly have never been a newspaper-reader. Rustling with the large sheets of paper and skimming through all the articles that I was supposed to be interested in just wasn’t for me.

One day, my husband and I went to iHop for breakfast. As we waited for our order we both started reading Twitter. I looked up and saw older generations reading their newspaper and we were reading our phones. That’s when I realized that Twitter had become my newspaper.

How did Twitter get me to read the news on a daily basis while a traditional newspaper could not?  Because Twitter is my own personal newspaper. I told Twitter what my interests were by following the people/business I was interested in. Every day I read my news, my sports teams, my weather, my celebrity gossip and my industry news. I control exactly what information I want fed to me, it is delivered to my electronic devise and I can read it at any time that is convenient for me. I fell in love.

Twitter and I have now been serious for the last year. I can’t imagine my life without it. Information at my beck and call still gives me butterflies. I don’t know what the future holds for me and Twitter, I may fall victim to the 7-year-itch or this very well, could be the real thing.

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