Growth After a Groupon Deal: Effective Customer Retention Strategies

Launched in 2008, deal-of-the-day site Groupon gives small businesses the chance to attract new customers by offering discounts on selected products or services. The model has given some unknown brands a bigger platform for sales, but others have criticized Groupon for absorbing too much of business’ profits and only attracting bargain-seekers, thus failing to build brand loyalty.

Depending on your brand, offering a Groupon deal might be a good idea for your business. Of course, it’s not enough to just offer your Groupon customers a one-time deal and then expect that they’ll keep flocking back for more. If you’re serious about using Groupon to attract and keep new customers, then you’ll need to implement some effective customer retention strategies that fit with your overall marketing campaign.

How to Keep Your Groupon Customers

Treat them Like VIPs

The first of our Groupon customer retention strategies? Roll out the red carpet for your Groupon buyers. Even though customers who purchase Groupon deals get your products or services for half the price, you still need to treat them like a full price customer. Use the opportunity to showcase your stellar customer service, awesome product (whether it’s a delicious meal or sports apparel), or your professional services. To fully provide the best service for your Groupon buyers, be realistic about the amount of staff you’ll need on hand or the kind of inventory you need to satsify the demand. If you follow these customer retention strategies and treat the Groupon customer right while showcasing your excellence, you should see customers return (and pay full price!) after your Groupon deal ends.

Take Advantage of Increased Visibility

As your visibility grows as a result of your Groupon offering, our customer retention strategies not only include preparing your store or restaurant site for more customers — but also your website and social media platforms! As the word gets out about your deal, expect Groupon buyers to use the social sharing function to spread the word about your deal. You might see increased web traffic as a result. Give your website host a heads up to ensure that the server can handle this — your increased visibility will do no good if Groupon customers can’t access your website! Also be sure to provide fresh, relevant content on your blog to encourage Groupon website visitors to linger. Both of these customer retention strategies should help you realize growth after your Groupon deal. Lastly, if you haven’t touched your website in years, you’ll want to make sure that it’s updated with the latest information about your products and services. Customers will get frustrated if your website is difficult to navigate or outdated.

Collect Emails — Then Use Them

Your Groupon customer retention strategies should also include plans for after your Groupon deal ends. We suggest collecting your customers email accounts when they come in to redeem their Groupon deal. You can’t legally require this as a part of offer redemption, but you can inform them that you’ll use their email to give them coupons and update them on new products or services. Building a strategic email marketing campaign after your Groupon deal is one of the smartest customer retention strategies because it extends the life of your relationship with the Groupon deal buyer. With your email marketing, you can cultivate brand loyalty by providing relevant, interesting content mixed with a few coupons and specials. Even if some Groupon deal buyers aren’t quite ready to commit to a full-price purchase, by building a relationship with them through email marketing, you’ll earn their trust — and eventually make a sale.

Need Help With Customer Retention Strategies?

As online marketing mavens, we know that capitalizing on a Groupon deal using targeted online marketing takes lots of time and effort — perhaps more than you can give as a busy business owner. We’d be happy to help design and implement customer retention strategies, from redesigning and optimizing your website and maintaining a visible social media presence to crafting and carrying out a rigorous, loyalty-building email marketing campaign.

If you’re ready to learn more about how we can help with your Groupon customer retention strategies, call Turn The Page today at (816) 527-8371.

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