Google Makes Changes to Reward Cybersecurity

By September 4, 2014Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has become an international crisis. The Target security breach, the Heartbleed virus, and the recent leak of risque celebrity photos have highlighted weaknesses in the most seemingly secure IT systems. Adding to the growing climate of concern is what some are describing as a disaster-level shortage of cybersecurity professionals, with some experts estimating that there is a 1 million worker shortage worldwide in the field.

It is in this atmosphere that Google announced a change that will likely have a growing impact on online marketing techniques. Read on to learn how this change will impact your business, online marketing techniques, and the quality of world-wide cybersecurity.

Boosted Rankings for Encrypted Sites

Google has shown their commitment to fighting for cybersecurity by promising better rankings for websites using HTTPS encryption. What difference does the “S” make? It works by encrypting the data that is transmitted between the browser and the site, protecting user security. Experts admit that this security method isn’t totally perfect, but it is a major step in the fight against hackers. Google has stated that the rankings boost for sites that use HTTPS is an attempt to enhance their user experience by ensuring that websites accessed through Google are secure.

The Immediate Impact

For now, the change will have limited effects on search engine rankings. They promise a lightweight signal that will have an effect on less than 1% of global searches. Factors like high quality content will still enjoy a weightier impact on rankings, but experts expect the importance of security to be emphasized more heavily by Google in the future. For now, the small but significant change is a message, a portent of things to come.

The change comes as good news for business owners, as it is an important incentive for making a change that will ultimately benefit and protect them and their clients anyway. After all, a data breach could be costly and time consuming enough to seriously derail a business, so making this minor change is an investment in a company’s future.

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