Seven Google Adwords Sins Small Businesses Make

The paid search experts and Google Adwords Certified Partners at Turn The Page spend a lot of our time conducting successful Google Adwords campaigns. But as we continue to help small businesses grow with pay per click advertising, we also encounter a slew of Google Adwords campaigns that simply aren’t effective.

Though the interface makes it fairly easy to create a simple pay per click advertisement, it’s easy for small business owners to unknowingly commit Google Adwords sins. If you’re currently conducting a Google Adwords campaign and not seeing the results you anticipated, it’s time to reevaluate your ad and consider if you’re making one of these seven Google Adwords mistakes.

Seven Google Adwords Sins Small Businesses Make

1. No Defined Strategy

As with any online marketing, your Google Adwords campaign must have a clearly-defined strategy, including click through rates and conversion goals, tracking procedures, and a desired timetable to achieve your ROI. If your campaign is not successful, you must take the time to adjust it as necessary, whether by trying new copy, targeting new keywords, or increasing your budget. Before you even write your Google Adwords campaign copy, be sure to establish your parameters for success and how, specifically, you will track results — and then stick to these guidelines.

2. No Negative Keywords

A quick way to waste your Google Adwords budget? Failing to exclude certain keywords from your campaign. Google terms these undesired phrases “negative keywords,” and if they’re in your Google Adwords campaign, you might inadvertently be advertising a service or product you don’t even offer. For instance, if you’re a landscaping company that doesn’t offer lawn mowing services, Google Adwords might include “lawn mowing” in your keyword group unless you purposefully exclude it. Don’t waste your time or money by advertising a service that’s non-existent for your company. Be sure to monitor your Google Adwords campaign even after its launch — new negative keywords can be added in at any time!

3. Using Too Many Keywords in Your Ad Group

Just as you should be careful to exclude negative keywords, you should also be weary of using too many words and phrases in your Google Adwords campaign. You want each ad to be focused on a specific product or service so that you can direct the ad to a specific page rather than your general website. This will help you write tighter, more persuasive copy with a compelling call to action.

bigstock-Background-concept-wordcloud-i-1048329774. No Testing

You shouldn’t set up one lonely Google Adwords campaign — it’s important to run a test ad simultaneously to see which copy is more effective, or what keywords work best in the display URL. Even small changes like alternate punctuation or capitalization can change the effectiveness of your ad, and they only take seconds to implement.

Even if you love your initial ad copy, to be really successful on Google Adwords, you should also try changing your copy more dramatically. Try two headlines or change up the body. Sub in an alternate call to action. Compare results on all your variations.

Testing for optimal ad position in Google Adwords is also important. Sometimes being in a lower position can benefit you, because people who click on lower or side ads are usually more ready to commit to a purchase. You should create a variety of Google Adwords campaigns that place you in different positions, allowing you to test which placement gives the best ROI.

5. Not Monitoring Competition

If you’re not aware of what your competitors are doing on Google Adwords, you’re not committing fully to your ad’s success. You should be aware of what keywords they’re targeting and what their landing pages look like. View their ads as if you were a customer — is theirs more visually appealing, or is the copy more engaging? How does your call to action compare? Take notes and figure out how to adjust your own Google Adwords campaign.

6. Unrealistic Expectations

When you approach a Google Adwords campaign, you need to be realistic about the goals you set in regards to your budget. If you set aside too little funds, you can’t expect for your ad to perform phenomenally and increase your sales tenfold. You need a budget roomy enough to include test ads so that you can adjust as needed. Plus, you’ll eat through a small budget quickly. You need to be patient with your Google Adwords campaigns.

7. Ineffective Ad Copy

Even though you’re limited in characters, your Google Adwords copy shouldn’t be lacking in charm. Don’t underestimate the value of clever, compelling copy — it will make your Google Adwords campaign stand out from your competitors. Be sure that your ad accurately reflects your services and targets the necessary keywords, but also that it is engaging.

Get Google Adwords Help From Turn The Page

If you’re having trouble navigating the nuances of Google Adwords, the pay per click marketing gurus at Turn The Page can help. We can handle account set-up and analysis, Google Adwords strategy, keyword targeting, ad copy creation, analytics and tracking, and continuous campaign adjustments. We’ll work tirelessly until your Google Adwords campaign delivers the results you need.FMG PinterestFor more on our Google Adwords expertise and paid search marketing, contact Turn The Page Online Marketing at (816) 527-8371 or (844) 889-5001, or visit us at our office in Lee’s Summit.

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    One of the best Google Adwords tips I ever got, from a guy named Simon, was to include a solid mix of the three (four including modified) match types, with the correct proportions of broad, phrase, and exact within each ad group. Most people that get started on PPC don’t think to do things that way. If you want to talk to Simon, you can call him at 302-401-4478.

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