Goal Setting: Are You Doing It Right?

By June 16, 2013Online Marketing

In the summer months, many businesses experience a marked drop in sales and traffic as clients are occupied by vacations, weekends at the pool, and blockbusters at the multiplex. As this is the midpoint of the year, you, like many business owners, might take advantage of the lull in sales to reflect on online marketing goals you set for yourself back at the beginning of the year. Did your phone ring as often as you’d hoped? Were sales in the first half of the year high enough to meet your New Year’s goals? Were you able to convert your web traffic into sales as effectively as you imagined?

But is focusing on this type of results-driven exterior goal a mistake?

Reevaluate the Way You Think About Goal-Setting

There are only two outcomes when you set any type of exterior goal. You might succeed. And your success might not reflect the same thing that you originally intended. Suppose your goal was to have fewer customer complaints during dinner service at your restaurant and you achieved it–but only because you are served fewer customers? Then what?

The other outcome, of course, is failure.

Internal vs. External Goal Setting

The inherent implication at the heart of any exterior goal is that you have control over factors over which you actually have no control. You really cannot directly affect the global economy, the employment rate, or the behavior of your customers. Those are all external factors and spending time focusing on changing things you have no control over is a waste of time and resources.

Smart business owners focus on what they can control. They may not be able to control how much money their clients choose to spend on lawn care services every month, but they can control and measure the way that they follow up on client leads. They might not be able to control how many customers return to their business within three months, but they can control the way that they create and evaluate an email campaign designed to encourage that behavior.

When you utilize your summer slump to reevaluate the way you think about goal setting so that you are focusing on internal goal setting, you change the game for yourself, your employees, and your clients. No longer are you allowing external factors to dictate the way that you run your business. Internal goal setting keeps you and your team focused on doing the things that you need to do without worrying about things that you cannot control.

And the rest takes care of itself.

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