Social Media is a different and refreshing marketing medium. You need to be intelligent and genuine. You can’t just throw your sales pitch out there onto your chosen social network platforms telling people to buy. We chuckle at car sales television ads shouting their great deals loudly at potential buyers. How long will they be beneficial? People have come to expect more, you can’t just tell them you are the best and they will believe it. Its a more complex relationship now. Customers have more resources than ever to confirm the quality of business service or product. Marketing and sales has become more like human relationships and so we took a quick look at the parallels between Social Media and relationships. Here is what we learned.

Make yourself available

The first decision for a business owner is participating in Social Media. Choosing the right platforms to promote your business. Making sure that your presence is integrated so you are maximizing your visibility to a wide range of potential customers. Then you start to communicate. It is the same when you are starting on the dating scene. First you need to be meeting members of the opposite sex. That means getting out there and finding places you are comfortable with to meet them. Once you are meeting then the conversation begins. Those first conversations are always the most challenging, it is important to find the right balance between self promotion and caring.

Starting a relationship

The start of a relationship is where one mistake will end it – the worst one is generally moving to quick. Find out about your partner, be attentive, show interest in what they like, don’t expect too much. The earlier in the relationship the more cautious your approach. It is a learning exercise. Think back to a first date with someone you find really attractive, you were most likely very passive, listen first talk second. You try and sound smart and funny. You encourage your partner when they are being smart or funny. In Social Media you are engaging more than one person so you are continually starting a relationship. To start a social media relationship don’t talk too much about your business, be responsive, humorous and encouraging.


As with the human relationship, once your business has a social media relationship it is important to engage with your customer base. If you are married you know what it means to be engaged. Engagement is a formal commitment between two people, both in the emotional and official sense. There is generally a token that affirms this engagement. Rings for marriage and becoming a paying customer for social media. We have found any number of variations on how people get engaged to be married. It really depends on the imagination from the couple involved. It is the same in Social Media there are any number of ways your relationships become customers. An engagement happens after you meet and develop a relationship. You can’t just walk up to someone get down on one knee and bingo you are engaged. Social Media marketing has a lot in common with human relationships which should come as no surprise. It is a “social” platform and it means business needs to adjust the way it interacts to be successful. So dust of your dating skills and apply them to Social Media.

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