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If you’re a professional writer, chances are there’s a huge demand for you to produce lots of riveting writing topics every work day. As online bloggers, this is a pressure we can identify with all too well. We understand that sometimes the hardest part of our job is creating an exciting topic, not writing the content. Writers, take heed! We stumbled across a few helpful writing resources that should be on your radar (and probably your bookmarks bar, too)!

Google Alerts

Although this isn’t technically a “topic generator,” it’s certainly an excellent resource for brainstorming. The beauty of this tool is that it allows you to hone in on pretty specific topics like money tips or even Kansas City restaurants (our personal favorite). Once you’ve created your Google Alerts, you’ll receive an email with the latest news articles about the topic of your selection. Sometimes, just scrolling through news headlines can lead to an aha moment. Something spark your interest? Read through the article, do some more research, and think of how you can add a unique spin on the topic.

It gets better, though! You can receive Google Alerts on a daily basis, so the brainstorming never has to stop. We suggest investing in a journal that you can dedicate to topic ideas. This will allow you to store away topics for future reference.  Oh, and did we mention that creating Google Alerts takes just minutes?

Content Idea Generator (V2)

Just as the name suggests, this tool is a “content generator.”  This isn’t just any tool, though. This is like the coolest Google Docs spreadsheet you’ve never seen! All you have to do is save a copy of the tool in your Google Drive, type your query in column B, row three, and press enter. Moments later, a list of news headlines from Google, Bing, Reddit, Digg, and a number of other sources will appear. This is a great way to brainstorm topic ideas and see what’s now trending.


For a more advanced experience, put on your boardshorts and surf Topsy for keyword-centric articles. Want to narrow your search? Select your specifications from the filters on the left-hand side of the screen. If you see a headline that piques your interest, click on the title to learn more information.

These tools don’t always provide the perfect blog topics, but they’re definitely a good starting point. So, next time you’re struggling to find a stroke of genius, head to the web for some inspiration! Stay tuned to learn more industry news.

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