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We thought this is a great post idea, because we didn’t really have any idea what to write about for this post. Somebody said, “Why not write about how to get post ideas?” “Brilliant!!” was the unanimous response and not just because happy hour had started! Really though its a common problem. No matter how experienced you are as  a blogger, “posters block” is a perennial problem. How do you move forward when the brain is clamped shut for inspiration? Whats really critical, is remembering the purpose of your Blog. You know; the one you decided upon before you started your blogging career. If you didn’t know already, its important to target your Blog before you start posting. We decided we want our Blog to be a resource for local businesses, providing answers to common questions local business owners have about online marketing. When you are deciding how to target your blog here are some tips:

  1. Find a niche
  2. Understand who your readers are
  3. Be passionate about your goal – it helps if your an authority too!

Our Blog aim considered these three points. You can see that this post is consistent with our aim. Whenever we talk to business owners about blogging its very common to get the response: what should I write about? Once a Blogger has a clear goal then they should post to the target readership and provide them with useful information in line with that goal.

Post Ideas

Now you have your Blog goal and its time to start posting. If, like us, you are passionate about your subject matter you will never really run out of content for your posts. Occasionally you may just need to jog your brain into gear. How do you do that? Here are a few tips:

Google Alerts

You can use Google Alerts to provide you with ideas from around the web. You can create alerts that will send you an email on a daily basis. You choose the subjects you will receive notifications about. You can monitor

  1. Advances in your industry
  2. Competitors and their blogs
  3. Acknowledged experts
  4. Industry events and news

These daily emails can serve to jog your memory into what the post is about – not provide copy for the post. Let your passion drive the content. Use the ideas to develop a personal perspective.

Huddle with Co-Workers

Okay so we pinched that from Google+. Getting together with co-workers and your inner circle (oops there we go again!) can provide great ideas for blog posts. You can even make it a regular meeting. Ours sometimes turn into round table discussions that really benefit the business and always provide ample Blog post ideas.

Work to get Readers

A common mistake is novice bloggers expect just because they are glorifying the internet with their posts; readers will flock to their muse. There are literally millions of Blogs online. Developing a readership takes effort. Here are some of the things you can do:

  1. Read other blogs and post comments
  2. Commit to the process
  3. Focus on quality
  4. Provide useful information
  5. Engage with your readers
  6. Share your expertise
Consistency is key

The thing about Blogging is that you must stick at it. Yes I know you have heard that before. Its simple though, Blogging is not a task or a chore, its a commitment.

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